Best answer: What is a secure MAC address?

Secure MAC addresses are configured or learned in autoLearn mode. If the secure MAC addresses are saved, they can survive a device reboot. You can bind a secure MAC address only to one port in a VLAN. Secure MAC addresses include static, sticky, and dynamic secure MAC addresses.

What is MAC address sticky in port security?

Sticky MAC is a port security feature that dynamically learns MAC addresses on an interface and retains the MAC information in case the Mobility Access Switch reboots.

How do I remove sticky MAC address?

To delete a sticky secure MAC addresses from the address table, use the no switchport port-security sticky mac-address mac_address command. To delete all the sticky addresses on an interface or a VLAN, use the no switchport port-security sticky interface interface-id command.

Why would you enable port security on a switch?

Port Security helps secure the network by preventing unknown devices from forwarding packets. When a link goes down, all dynamically locked addresses are freed. The port security feature offers the following benefits: You can limit the number of MAC addresses on a given port.

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What are the three types of port security?

On Cisco equipment there are three different main violation types: shutdown, protect, and restrict.

How do I test my Switchport security?

Here is a useful command to check your port security configuration. Use show port-security interface to see the port security details per interface. You can see the violation mode is shutdown and that the last violation was caused by MAC address 0090. cc0e.

What is the difference between static and dynamic MAC address?

What is the difference between a dynamic and static IP address? When a device is assigned a static IP address, the address does not change. Most devices use dynamic IP addresses, which are assigned by the network when they connect and change over time.

What is clear port security?

1. clear port-security dynamic. To clear dynamically learned port security MAC in the CAM table, use the clear port-security dynamic command. The address keyword enables you to clear a secure MAC addresses. The interface keyword enables you to clear all secure addresses on an interface.

How do I disable port security?

To disable port security aging for all secure addresses on a port, use the no switchport port-security aging time interface configuration command.

Why is it important to secure your switch?

Since information between computers and larger networks is transferred using routers and switches, they become the primary targets for hacking and information leaking. Thus, to ensure network security, it becomes essential to protect routers and switches against outside tampering.

How does port security identify a device?

Port security uses the MAC address to identify allowed and denied devices. By default, port security allows only a single device to connect through a switch port. You can, however, modify the maximum number of allowed devices.

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What is port security aging?

The inactivity aging feature prevents the unauthorized use of a secure MAC address when the authorized user is offline. The feature also removes outdated secure MAC addresses so that new secure MAC addresses can be learned or configured.

How do I find MAC address?

To Find the MAC Address: Open a Command Prompt -> type ipconfig /all and press Enter-> The Physical Address is the MAC address. Click Start or click in the search box and type cmd. Press Enter, or click on the Command Prompt shortcut.

What is the command in disabling unused switch ports?

Disable Unused Ports

Navigate to each unused port and issue the Cisco IOS shutdown command. If a port later on needs to be reactivated, it can be enabled with the no shutdown command.