Best answer: What is Custom Protection Officer?

How do I become a custom protection officer?

To become a custom protection officer, you need qualifications like a formal degree plus security, police, or military experience. Standard employer degree requirements include possession of a criminal justice, security, administration, or police science degree from an accredited university.

What does custom protection mean?

Patrol and Surveillance

Custom protection officers are the most experienced and highly trained security officers who work for G4S. They help clients by providing internal and external security patrols — armed and unarmed — to deter criminal activity and protect against theft and intrusion.

What does a protection officer do?

A Protection Officer (PO) is a person who is qualified to implement varying levels of safeworking worksite protection for activities being undertaken in the rail corridor by rail industry workers in the Transport for New South Wales/Sydney Trains Network.

What is upscale security officer?

What Is an Upscale Security Officer? Upscale security officers work at buildings that are much higher risk than ones at which typical security officers work. Therefore, you need more stringent qualifications for this career. You protect the property from any illegal activity as well as fire and water damage.

How do I become a US custom?

If all minimum requirements have been met, the following steps are required to become a customs agent:

  1. Attend a degree program or gain experience in a related field. …
  2. Apply on the US Customs and Border Protection website.
  3. Take and pass the entrance exam.
  4. Undergo a background investigation.
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What does CPO stand for in security?

Professional Security Officer Program (PSOP) Certified Protection Officer Program(CPO)

Does G4S allow facial hair?

The guys at our site are allowed beards and if they have long hair just tuck under hat. Clean shaven unless your the site supervisors pet. Then you can grow a beard… Clean shaven unless you have a medical issue.