Best answer: Where is the Steam guard code?

If you are logged in on your phone, go to the Steam Guard menu (the top-most menu selection) to see the current code. (If you aren’t logged in to Steam on your phone, your current code is displayed on the login page).

Why is my Steam Guard code not showing?

How to Fix Steam Guard Not Showing Code? The first thing that you should try is restarting Steam on your new device that you’re trying to connect with. … Try to restart the application on whatever device you’re trying to login with, and then reach the Steam Guard screen once again.

How do I enable 2fa on steam?

Tap the side menu button, then “Steam Guard,” the first item below your Steam username. Tap “add authenticator,” then enter the phone number of the device you’re currently using. Tap “add phone.” You should receive a text message right away.

Why do I have to enter a steam guard code every time I log in?

Why do I have to enter a Steam Guard code every time I log in? With Steam Guard, Steam saves a cookie to remember your computer or browser. … If you are being repeatedly asked for a Steam Guard code on the same computer, you will need to ensure your browser has cookies enabled.

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Can I use steam without steam guard?

1 Answer. You can trade with other users without Steam Guard, but your trade will be held back for 15 days! But you can’t create steam market offers in this period. If you are using the Steam mobile authenticator, you can complete your trades immediately.

How do I put Steam guard on my phone?

Once you’ve installed the app and signed in with your Steam account credentials, tap the menu icon at the top left to expose the app’s main menu. Select “Steam Guard” from the top of the menu. From here you can select “Add Authenticator” to setup your authenticator, or “Help” to learn more.

Why is my Steam code not working?

First, restart your PC. Try opening Steam, logging into your profile, and entering the key again. We have gotten several reports that a simple second try after a restart. If you continue to have issues, Exit Steam.

What are some good Steam passwords?

Your password should meet all of the minimum requirements listed below:

  • Use at least 6 characters.
  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Include at least one number within the password.
  • Do not.

How good is Steam Guard?

The Steam Guard mobile authenticator isn’t strictly necessary. Still, it’s convenient and adds an extra level of security to your account. If you own several Steam games or have expensive items in games like DOTA2 and CS:GO, using the Steam Guard mobile authenticator is worth your time.

Is it safe to use Steam?

Answer: A: Steam is a legitimate Games Store owned by software publisher Valve – so is safe to use and purchase/download/play games from there. Official website is – incase any strange web results returns any other sites.

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What is Steam Guard code?

The Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator is a feature of the latest Steam Mobile App on iOS and Android. The authenticator generates a code that you need to login to your Steam account. … Users are able to add their phone number to their Steam account, in case they are otherwise locked out of the account.

How do I stop Steam from asking for security code?

Yes it is possible – if you log in to steam you need to go Settings -> Account and you’ll see Manage Steam Guard security click it and tick it off to disable.

How can I access Steam without a phone?

If you have no access to your phone number or your email, Steam will now ask you to enter your account’s password. This is fairly straightforward. Just enter your account’s password. Now Steam will ask what is preventing you from logging in.

Where can I email Steam support?

Add and to your contacts or trusted senders list within your email client. Wait up to 30 minutes for the email to be delivered.

How do I contact Steam Support by phone?

This is the support website for Steam. You can use this website to receive help for a variety of issue, and submit a ticket to Steam if you are unable to resolve your issue. Steam does not offer telephone support for their products. However, if you want to try calling Steam, you can call 425-889-9642.