Best answer: Which persons check the declaration of security?

What is declaration of security?

An agreement reached between a ship and port facility or another ship specifying the security measures to be implemented by both parties.

What is the purpose of declaration of security?

According to the ISPS Code provisions the Declaration of Security (Dos) has the purpose to ensure an agreement between the ship and the port facility or with other ships with which it interfaces as to the respective security measures each of them will undertake in accordance with the provisions of their respective

What is port safety?

It includes the protection of the seaports themselves and the protection and inspection of the cargo moving through the ports. Security risks related to ports often focus on either the physical security of the port, or security risks within the maritime supply chain.

What does ISPS mean?

The ISPS abbreviation stands for International Ship and Port Security, should not be considered as just another acronyms in the world of shipping otherwise filled with abbreviations.

Why do ships make a declaration of security before arrival?

Before arrival, agent gives all the security details of the port and also advises the security level of the ship. … This means that in this case, the ship will have lower security level but will have same security measures that are required as per higher security level in SSP.

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When a ship can request a declaration of security?

A ship can request completion of a DoS when: 1. the ship is operating at a higher security level than the port facility or another ship with which it interfaces; 2. there is an agreement on a DoS between Contracting Governments covering certain international voyages or specific ships on those voyages, and 3.

Which security level requires the highest security alert?

Security level 2: heightened, the level applying for as long as there is a heightened risk of a security incident. Security level 2 means the level for which appropriate additional protective security measures shall be maintained for a period of time as a result of heightened risk of a security incident.

Who approves the SSP?


1. According to the ISPS Code, Part A 9, it is required for each ship to carry on board a Ship Security Plan (SSP) approved by its flag state or by an organization recognized by it to carry out such approvals, known as a Recognized Security Organizations (RSO).

Why is ISP code important?

The ISPS Code provides a framework through which ships and port facilities can co-operate to detect and deter acts which pose a threat to maritime security. The Code: enables the detection and deterrence of security threats within an international framework. establishes roles and responsibilities.