Does AppleCare protection plan cover screen damage?

If you have an AppleCare+ plan, you can use it to cover screen repair. AppleCare+ gives you expert technical support and hardware coverage from Apple, including accidental damage protection. Each incident of accidental damage is subject to a service fee or deductible, depending on your plan.

Does AppleCare protection plan cover accidental damage?

AppleCare+ AppleCare+ for iPhone includes up to two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months. Each incident is subject to the service fees listed below, plus applicable tax. In addition, you’ll get Express Replacement Service4 and 24/7 priority access to Apple experts by chat or phone.

Is screen damage covered under warranty Apple?

iPhone screen replacement costs

Accidental damage isn’t covered by the Apple warranty. Your service provider will inspect your iPhone for any additional damage and give you a cost estimate. If your screen fails due to a manufacturing issue, it’s covered by the Apple warranty or consumer law.

Does AppleCare cover LCD damage?

Answer: A: You are correct; it won’t be covered. AppleCare covers manufacturing and component defects only. It doesn’t cover accidental damage.

What damages are covered by Apple Care?

Under AppleCare+, each accidental damage incident is subject to a service fee of $29 for screen damage or $99 for any other damage. Each incident of theft or loss is subject to a deductible of $149.

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Is AppleCare worth it 2020?

In general, the editors at MacRumors feel that AppleCare is worth getting for Apple laptops that you plan on keeping for longer than one year, and ‌iPhone‌, iPads, and Apple Watches due to the accidental damage coverage. … AppleCare is certainly not essential, and can be worth the additional peace of mind.

Do Apple products have 2 year warranty?

The KRCS 2 year warranty is a hardware guarantee provided on all new Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod purchases from our website or high street stores. … During the first year your device is covered by Apple’s standard warranty, terms of which can be found at

Is there a warranty on iPhone screens?

Your standard iPhone warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage to the screen, so if your iPhone screen is cracked, you’ll be paying for the repair one way or another.

Does Apple fix LCD screens?

The Apple Store and many of our Apple Authorized Service Providers offer same-day service for screen replacement.

Can I get AppleCare after damage?

Apple Care is available to purchase within 60 days of the iphone purchase. Apple Care cannot be purchased after the fact. Once the device has been damaged, it is no longer eligible for Apple care.

How much does it cost to replace LCD screen?

Flat-Screen TV Repair Cost by Type

Type of TV Average Repair Costs
LCD $50 – $400
LED $50 – $400
OLED $100 – $400
Plasma $100 – $400