Does Depop protect your purchases?

Depop’s Buyer Protection covers all purchases made in-app and/or on the Depop website, and buyers will receive a full refund if the item doesn’t arrive or if it’s significantly not as described.

Can sellers get scammed on Depop?

One thing is clear: Depop has been aware of scammers operating on the platform since December 2019. … “Hi guys, I really need some help someone has hacked my depop trying to sell items through friends and family.” Since that post, at least 25 Depop Community users have warned of account hacking and scamming.

What happens if I get scammed on Depop?

You lost any seller protection by sending to another address than the paypal registered address of the buyer. If you had met seller protection paypal would have reimbursed you. Advice is voluntary.

Why is Depop bad?

Recently, many Depop sellers have come under fire for a pattern of unethical buying and selling practices. Sellers who appear to be wealthier individuals are being accused of raiding thrift stores to buy tons of product for a cheap price and re–selling on the platform for a signifigant mark–up.

Should I bank transfer on Depop?

What should I avoid? Taking payment outside of the Depop app – payment methods such as bank transfers, direct PayPal payments, Vemno or cash are unsafe, against terms and could leave you out of pocket.

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What happens if seller doesn’t ship item Depop?

What should I do next?

  1. Message the Seller to ask for an update.
  2. Ask for proof of shipping.
  3. Check the tracking number to see the status of your order.
  4. Haven’t heard back or been waiting over 7 days? Report this in-app:

Can Depop sellers see your address?

The techniques our advertising partners use do not use obvious identifying information such as name, address, email address or telephone number.

Do you get Depop fee back if you refund?

If you refund your buyer for a Depop sale, we’ll refund the Depop fee. … The Depop fee will be returned automatically when you refund your buyer through the app. If you sold through PayPal, reach out to our Support team to get a fee refund.

Can Depop sellers delete reviews?

They can’t edit their feedback, but they can delete it. If you want to delete feedback you’ve left: Go to Profile and find the feedback in your Purchased or Sold items list via the Receipts icon.

Does Depop give you a shipping label?

Depop offers two options; label or ship it yourself. The label option is just like poshmark’s service where you have to print a label, stick it to your package and leave it with your shipping carrier. It is incredibly easy to do it that way.

Why are Depop fees so high?

Why do Depop charge 10%?

Our 10% fee is in place to keep the app up and running, release new features, provide Buyer and Seller Protection and pay our employees.

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Why is Depop so popular?

Engaging in resale and encouraging circularity by encouraging people to shop on Depop is a really clean and easy way to do that.” According to Dool, Depop shoppers are more interested in what their peers are wearing than what’s happening in the fashion industry.