Does DSP get security?

The DSP is an efficient method to obtain comprehensive security policies, standards, controls and metrics for your organization!

Do DSP get guards?

The DSP also gets other benefits along with the pay. These benefits include: Residence for self and staff quarter at no cost or at nominal rent. Security guards and domestic help like cook and gardeners.

What is the power of DSP?

1) Prevention of Crime. 2) Investigation of Crime. 3) Maintenance of law & Order. 4) Enforcement of Special and Local Laws.

Is DSP a police officer?

Deputy superintendents are now state police officers who belong to the provincial police forces, either direct entrants at that rank or promoted from inspector. … In the state of West Bengal, a DSP is in charge of a sub-division and is most commonly known as a sub divisional police officer (SDPO).

How is DSP selected?

Process of selection

The candidate who wants to become a DSP must take part in the State level test carried out by the State Public Service Commission. The candidates who pass this exam undergo probationary training before they are posted as DSP.

Can a DSP become sp?

After that, they get promoted to the rank of Additional Superintendent of Police (SP). … PPS officers at DSP rank are posted as ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) and at SP rank are posted as ADCP (Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police).

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How does a DSP work?

Digital Signal Processors (DSP) take real-world signals like voice, audio, video, temperature, pressure, or position that have been digitized and then mathematically manipulate them. … In the real-world, analog products detect signals such as sound, light, temperature or pressure and manipulate them.

Is DSP and ACP same?

In other states the officer of the same rank is designated simply as deputy superintendent(DSP) of police or in metropolitan cities is designated as assistant commissioner of police(ACP).

How can I become DSP after 12th?

Also Read: How to Become an Indian Forest Service Officer After 12th? The person wishing to become the DSP should undergo the Group 1 Exam conducted by the State Public Service commission exam.

Which is divided into:

  1. Preliminary Written Examination.
  2. Physical test.
  3. Interview.