Does Hartz flea Guard work?

It wasn’t uncommon for them to have 30 ticks on them. I tried this, really not expecting it to work but it works! No ticks, no fleas, and it smells great. Highly recommend!

Does Hartz flea prevention work?

5.0 out of 5 starsThis seems to work better. Worked on my (3) dogs , I buy (2) different types I have (1) large dog and (2) smaller dogs. I bath my dogs with a shampoo that is for killing and preventing Fleas and ticks and then I administer the drops . This seems to work better.

Is Hartz Ultra Guard good for fleas?

UltraGuard Topicals for Dogs

Fleas and ticks aren’t just an annoyance for your dog, they can also transmit diseases. Hartz UltraGuard topicals help protect your pet from fleas and ticks for 30 days, providing non-stop control you can rely on.

Is Hartz Ultra Guard Safe?

Both the active ingredients and product formulations in Hartz UltraGuard® topical flea and tick treatments have been rated among the safest, least toxic available to pet owners today.

Is Hartz a good flea brand?

Flea and Tick products are highly regulated parasite treatments and Hartz sells more flea and tick treatments than any other brand. Hartz has been providing high quality and affordable flea and tick protection for over 50 years. … Hartz consistently monitors its products for safety and efficacy.

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Is there a recall on Hartz?

Hartz Mountain Corporation is voluntarily recalling their dog treats, Hartz Chicken Chews and Harz Oinkies Pig Skin Twists (which are wrapped in chicken) due to contaminated chicken from China.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Hartz?

Hartz Class Action Lawsuit – Multiple Complaints By Pet Owners. … A Texas jury decided for Frank Bowers in a small claims court action that he filed against Hartz Mountain Corporation, and he got $4,440.75.

How often can you use Hartz flea treatment?

Directions For Use

Remove one applicator tube from package and hold in an upright position away from your face. Twist dispensing tip clockwise about 1/2 turn while pushing down to break the tube’s seal. Do not remove the dispensing tip. Repeat every month.

Can I bathe my dog after using Hartz UltraGuard?

If you choose to apply the drops first, then it’s best to wait two days after application to bathe your pet. All Hartz UltraGuard topical drops are water resistant. This means your pet can be bathed after 48 hours, go out in the rain or go swimming and still be protected for up to 30 days.

Why is Hartz so bad?

Hartz flea and tick products are commonly known to cause damage to the liver, heart, nerve system, and even death to dogs and cats. These stories are not rare cases and many have been shared on

Why is Hartz bad for dogs?

Please do not use any Hartz flea & tick products. They contain pesticides called pyrethrins which are like spraying Raid on your pet. All over the internet, there are hundreds of cases of pets who have had skin irritations, chemical burns, become extremely ill, had seizures and even died after using these products.

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