Does Hexproof protect against sorcery?

Now, i understand that my creature wasn’t directly targeted, i was the target of a spell but isn’t he indirectly targeted with an ability of a sorcery this way? Little explanation would be good. Hexproof only prevents things from being targetted directly.

What does Hexproof not protect against?

Hexproof protects against spells using the keyword “target”. If the card does not use the word target, Hexproof will not protect against it. This includes all three spells in the question: none of them use “target”, and so Hexproof offers no protection.

Does Hexproof protect equipment?

Provided you control the creature, yes. Hexproof only prevents opponent’s from targeting your creature.

Is Hexproof immune to enchantments?

Granting hexproof to an already-enchanted creature will not cause the enchantment to go away, however. This is likely what happened in the first situation. Additionally, if you attempt to use a spell or ability that grants hexproof, your opponent gets a chance to respond.

Does Hexproof prevent damage?

Does the hexproof protect acidic slime from the combat damage prevention? Nope, the damage will be prevented. Dawn charm’s is “Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn” – no part of this targets the acidic slime or anything else.

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Does Hexproof prevent Deathtouch?

No it doesn’t. Deathtouch on a creature just means that if that creature deals damage to another creature, be it combat or non-combat, that the creature dealt damage will be destroyed. The deathtouch ability doesn’t target anything so hexproof will not save a creature dealt damage with deathtouch.

Does each affect Hexproof?

Re: Hexproof against cards which states “each creature”

That’s true. When it’s ‘each creature’, Hexproof does not work. Since Hexproof only works for spells which target. So if someone targets your Hexproof creature in particular, the target spell won’t work.

Can you fight a creature with Hexproof?

No, Prey Upon targets. Hexproof creatures are not valid targets. However, there are tons of ways to kill off things than spells that target, such as spells that target a player (target player sacrifices a creature, annihilator X mechanic) or global properties (Day of Judgment, etc).

Does Hexproof protect against board wipes?

So, no, it does not protect against that or anything like that.

Can you mutate onto Hexproof?

They can. Hexproof means “This permanent can’t be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control” – and as it is the creature that gets Hexproof, then the “you” means the creature’s controller, not Authority’s controller.

Does Hexproof stop sacrificing?

Just to clarify, hexproof would prevent a creature from being destroyed by sacrifice effects that do target the creature, such as Mercy Killing or Sarkhan the Mad.

Does Hexproof stop exile?

No, you can still target hexproof creatures you control. This means that you can legally cast Path to Exile on your own creatures if you really need that basic land.

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Does destroy all creatures work on Hexproof?

Yes, cards with “destroy all …” don’t target the permanents they affect, so Hexproof does not protect them from being destroyed. Generally speaking, if the word ‘target’ doesn’t appear on the card, the spell or ability isn’t targeting.

How do you deal with Hexproof indestructible?

Uhmazingphil says… #35

  1. Devour Flesh is the short answer.
  2. The long answer is as follows: The best way to remove indestructible creatures and hexproof creatures is either by putting a punch of -1/-1s on everything, (I’m looking at you Mutilate and Black Sun’s Zenith ) or by making them sacrifice their creatures.

Does Hexproof stop wrath of God?

Hexproof prevents you from targetting it. If you use [[wrath of god]] it will destroy all hexproof creatures but [[murder]] can’t.