Does protection from color stop multicolored?

A multicolor card that’s green and blue is fully green and fully blue. Protection from blue will fully work against it, because it is a blue card. The creature with protection can’t be targeted, enchanted, damaged or blocked by it.

Does protection from color stop enchantments?

The creature can’t have any auras attached to it that share a color with the color it has protection from. So in short, yes, the enchantment would “fall off”, and be sent to the graveyard.

Do multicolored creatures count as both colors?

An object with two or more colors is multicolored. Multicolored is not a color. See rule 105, “Colors,” and rule 202, “Mana Cost and Color.”

Does protection work on the stack MTG?

No, you cannot damage or destroy creatures on the stack, because creatures do not exist on the stack, “Creature Spells” do. When a spell or ability is referring to a creature, and it doesn’t use “card,” “spell,” or “source,” it is referring to a creature permanent. Permanents only exist on the battlefield.

Does protection Get rid of auras?

Yes. Creatures with protection (from blue) can’t be damaged, enchanted, blocked, or targeted by anything (blue). The Aura is removed and goes to the graveyard.

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Does Hexproof stop your own spells?

Hexproof is an evergreen keyword ability that prevents a permanent or player from being the target of spells or abilities played by opponents.


Keyword Ability
Type Static
Introduced Portal Three Kingdoms (mechanic) Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 (keyword)
Last Used Evergreen

What are the magic color combinations?

All Magic: The Gathering color combination names

  • Azorius: White/Blue.
  • Boros: Red/White.
  • Dimir: Blue/Black.
  • Golgari: Black/Green.
  • Gruul: Red/Green.
  • Izzet: Blue/Red.
  • Orzhov: White/Black.
  • Rakdos: Black/Red.

Does protection from white stop wrath of God?

5 Answers. Yes, Wrath of God will kill all creatures with shroud. It will also kill all creatures that have protection from white. It won’t kill creatures that are indestructible.

Can you block a creature with protection from everything?

As you noted, a creature with protection from something can’t be blocked, targeted, dealt damage, enchanted, or equipped by anything that has that “something” quality. That quality is usually one or more colors.

Does prevent all damage stop trample?

Prevention effects can only prevent the trample damage that is assigned to a creature. There are many ways to prevent damage that would be dealt to or by a creature.

How does trample work against protection?

Yes. If you attack with 7/7 green creature with trample, and they block with a 2/2 protection from green creature, it will assign damage equal to that creature’s toughness (2) to the creature, and the other 5 will trample over to the player.

Does protection from a color prevent board wipes?

Does Protection From a Color Prevent Deathtouch? The short answer here is yes. Protection from black, for example, will prevent all damage dealt by black creatures and spells to whatever has that protection.

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Does protection work against counters?

Something with protection can still be countered. Something with “can’t be countered” can still be targeted. Abilities of permanent cards normally only work when the object is on the battlefield [CR 112.6]. But you can’t counter something on the battlefield.