Frequent question: How can I pay my SSS loan through security bank online?

How can I pay my SSS loan online?

How to pay your SSS salary loan online via Union Bank of the Philippines.

  1. Log in to your Union Bank online account.
  2. Click “Pay Bills”.
  3. Look for and select “Social Security System (SSS)” as your biller.
  4. Enter your PRN and click “Next”.
  5. Review the details of your transaction before clicking the “Pay” button.

What bank can I pay my SSS loan?

Partner Banks (Over-the-Counter):

First Isabela Cooperative Bank. Partner Rural Bank. Philippine Business Bank. Robinsons Bank Corporation.

How do I pay my security bank personal loan online?

How to Pay Bills via Security Bank Online

  1. Log in to Security Bank Online.
  2. Select ‘Payments & Transfers’ then ‘Pay Bills’
  3. Choose ‘New Biller’ then Select from the Dropdown. …
  4. Enter the Subscriber Number, Card Number or TIN. …
  5. Enter Amount.
  6. Choose the Account for Payment. …
  7. Choose Schedule for Payment. …
  8. Click ‘Submit’

How can I pay my SSS loan through Gcash?

How to Pay SSS Loans using Gcash?

  1. Generate PRN using MySSS.
  2. Open Gcash App on your Mobile Phone.
  3. Select Pay Bills.
  4. Select Government.
  5. Choose SSS PRN.
  6. Select your Account Type.
  7. Enter your PRN.
  8. Enter Amount of Loan Payment.
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Can I pay my SSS loan through Bayad Center?

Bayad Center’s more than 39,000 payment locations are all equipped to receive payments for SSS contributions and loan payments, as well as other government services like PhilHealth contributions, loan amortizations from Pag-IBIG, NHA, and NHMFC, NBI clearance fees, DFA passport renewal fees, PSA service fees, PRC …

What happens to unpaid SSS loan?

Any unpaid SSS loan will be deducted from your retirement, death, or disability benefits. The deduction will be huge if you’ve stopped making loan payments for many years. … Availing of the LRP also enables you to clear your loan records with the SSS.

Where can I pay my SSS calamity loan?

Payment shall be made at any SSS branch office with payment facility, SSS-accredited bank, or SSS- authorized payment center.

How many days does SSS salary loan release?

The loan proceeds shall be available to member-borrower’s account within three (3) to five (5) working days from approval date of the loan. The salary loan proceed is accessible through any Megalink, Bancnet and Expressnet Automated Machines. 6.

Where can I pay my SSS 2020 loan?

Payment shall be made at any SSS branch with tellering facility, SSS-accredited bank or SSS-authorized payment center.

How do I check my personal loan balance?

All you have to do is log in to your loan account online and view or download the statement. A personal loan account statement carries all the essential details about your EMIs paid, EMIs payable, the payment due date, remaining loan balance, and other information.

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Which bank has the lowest interest rate on personal loans in the Philippines?

What six banks offer personal loans with the lowest interest rates in the Philippines?

Banks Features
RCBC 1.30%
Maybank 1.50%
Citi 1.26%
HSBC 1.21%

How do I follow up a loan from a Security Bank?

How will I know if my loan is approved? A bank representative will notify you on the result of your application. You may also contact our Customer Service Hotline at 02-8887-9188 or you may send an email at