Frequent question: How do I make my Blogger blog secure?

How do I secure my Blogger blog?

Steps to Enable HTTPS on A Blogger Blog with Custom Domain

  1. Sign in to the Blogger dashboard.
  2. Pick a blog to enable HTTPS.
  3. Go to Settings > Basic > HTTPS.
  4. Go to HTTPS availability and select YES from Dropdown. It may take a little longer to enable HTTPS. …
  5. Go to HTTPS redirect and select YES from Dropdown.

Why is my Blogger blog not secure?

3. Fix the Errors. On my site the typical reason why a blog post is not secure is because of something called an insecure image call. Usually, this happens when I embed a banner ad in the body of my blog post or in my sidebar.

How do I install SSL on Blogger?

To enable HTTPS on custom dot com domain on blogger, go to and sign in using your Gmail account. The next thing is to select the blog on which you want to install SSL certificate. Now after selecting your blog go to Settings >> Basics. In the third step, we will enable HTTPS on custom domains.

Can blogs be hacked?

Unless a really experienced hacker wants to rip your system away, most of the times blogs are hacked by automated bots or even using simple tools like key loggers. Even worse, sometimes we handle out our passwords without knowing we’re not logging into our real account.

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What are the dangers of blogging?

Here are six risks of blogging you may not have thought about.

  • Unclear goals. Often, people start blogs with no clear goals in mind. …
  • Inexperience. Let’s be real: not everyone is tech-savvy. …
  • Impatience. …
  • Social media disconnects. …
  • Fear of comments. …
  • Commitment issues.

Is Blogger visit safe?

As Google owns Blogger, it is a much safer website than a self-hosted WP blog. If you enable two-factor authentication, it will be impossible for a hacker to take over your site because blogger asks users to enter their Gmail password to log into their profile. All websites powered by Google are secure.

Is Blogger safe to use?

Blogger hosting and security – is Blogger safe? Blogger is hosted on Google’s servers, so you don’t have to worry about sorting out hosting. You also get an SSL certificate, which means your site and data are secure from online threats.

Do I need SSL for my blog?

If your website is only a blog, with no products or memberships, and doesn’t even ask for any kind of information, then you don’t need an SSL Certificate. However, an SSL Certificate can help you increase the traffic.

How do I make my blog HTTPS?

To turn on HTTPS for your custom domain blog:

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. In the top left, click the Down arrow .
  3. Select the blog to update.
  4. In the left menu, click Settings Basic.
  5. On the right, under “HTTPS” and “HTTPS Availability,” select Yes.

How do I enable HTTPS?

How to properly enable HTTPS on your server

  1. Host with a dedicated IP address.
  2. Buy an SSL certificate.
  3. Request the SSL certificate.
  4. Install the certificate.
  5. Update your site to enable HTTPS.
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How do I use my own domain with Blogger?

Connect to your domain from Blogger

  1. Sign in to Google Domains.
  2. Select the name of your domain.
  3. Open the Menu .
  4. Click Website.
  5. Under Website configuration options select Build website.
  6. Under Blog click Continue.
  7. Click Start with Blogger.
  8. Click Continue and follow the steps on the Blogger website to build a blog.