How do I add someone to UniFi protect?

Click Add Role in the upper-right corner of the Roles menu. Enter the details for the new user role: Enter a name for the role. Under Device Management, select the access permissions (Edit or View).

How do I share UniFi Protect?

Hit “create an account” link at bottom of app. Created an account for her at Then sign into to Unifi Protect app using her account on mobile app (iPhone). App presents “Select Device to Set Up”, with two options: “UNVR” & “CloudKey Gen2 Plus“.

How do I add a User to my UniFi dream machine?

Responses (3)

  1. Ask user to register first on
  2. Ask user to download Protect app and login with those credentials.
  3. Use that email address to create a user in Protect and send invitation.
  4. Have the user click on the link in the email from their mobile device.

Is UniFi Protect going away?

Phasing out UniFi-Video products

Starting January, 1st 2021 (01/01/2021) all available UniFi-Video resources will focus on UniFi Protect to accelerate its development in terms of features, scalability, security, and continuous efforts to create the best user experience for our video-related products.

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How do I manage UniFi Users?

Within UniFi Access, you can manage users via the Users > User area.

How do I access UniFi remotely?

You can access UniFi Protect anywhere by going to and signing in with your Ubiquiti SSO account. If you’d like to connect to Protect directly without going through Make sure your computer and UniFi OS Console are on the same network. Type your UniFi OS Console’s IP address into a web browser.

How many devices can a dream machine handle?

The managed gigabit switch lets you connect four devices, or network switches for even more wired ports. The 4×4 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless access point is equivalent to a nanoHD — good enough to cover apartments or small-to-medium sized houses and businesses.

How many devices can the Dream Machine Pro handle?

This is the case with UDM-Pro and the brilliant UniFi Protect software, which comes with the device by default. It is very easy to access the recordings in live view mode. You can display the image from as many as 20 cameras simultaneously (in one window), having access to the view in real mode.

Is UniFi dream machine a firewall?

Specifications. A few words on the specifications of the UniFi Dream Machine. The pill-shaped device has an integrated security gateway, which lets you run a DHCP server, create firewall policies, take advantage of multiple VLANs and more.

Is UniFi Protect worth it?

Unifi Protect does a great job of finding the perfect balance between flexibility and ease-of-use. You can choose between a wide variety of cameras, which you can all install with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) and get it up and running in a couple of minutes.

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Does Unifi video still work?

On January 15th, 2021, UniFi Video will no longer be supported by Ubiquiti. Past this date, UniFi Video installations will no longer be remotely accessible via when outside of their local network.

Does UniFi Protect support Onvif?

UniFi Protect does not support ONVIF, meaning that only Ubiquiti UniFi Cameras are supported.