How do I enable Sophos sandstorm for email protection?

To enable Sophos Sandstorm, log into the admin interface and navigate to Configuration > Policy > Sandstorm. Then toggle the switch to On as shown below. Note: If you are not already licensed for Sandstorm, you will be offered a 30-day trial.

Where do you enable Sophos sandstorm for email protection?

To configure Sophos Sandstorm for Email Protection, navigate to Email Protection > SMTP and then click the Malware tab.

How do I set up Sophos Email Protection?

Allow and protect inbound emails

  1. Go to Email > General settings and click Switch to MTA mode.
  2. Go to Email > Policies and exceptions and click Add a policy. …
  3. Under Protected domain, select the address group you configured.
  4. Set Route by to Static host.
  5. Under Host list, select the mail servers you’ve configured.

How do I activate Sophos sandstorm?

Use the Sandstorm widget

  1. Login to the Sophos Firewall.
  2. Click on the Sandstorm widget at the right side of the dashboard.
  3. Click Confirm to begin the evaluation.
  4. Click on Initiate License Synchronization.
  5. Should the error below appear, start over and try again.
  6. When the sync is successful, you should see the below screen.
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How does Sophos sandstorm work?

Your Sophos security solution accurately pre-filters traffic, so only suspicious files are submitted to Sandstorm, ensuring minimal latency and end user impact. Sophos Sandstorm uses next-gen, cloud-sandbox technology to give your organization an extra layer of security against ransomware and targeted attacks.

Which XG software Licence is sandstorm protection included in?

EnterpriseProtect includes:Appliance and EnterpriseGuard subscription (Network Protection, Web Protection and Enhanced Support). EnterpriseProtect Plus additionally includes Sandstorm.

What is sandstorm protection?

Available with Sophos XG Firewall, UTM, Web Appliance, and Secure Email Gateway, Sophos Sandstorm uses next-gen, cloud-sandbox technology to give your organization an extra layer of security against evasive threats like ransomware and zero-day malware disguised as executables, PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents.

What is sandstorm protection in Sophos?

Sophos Sandstorm is an advanced persistent threat (APT) and zero-day malware defense solution that complements Sophos security products. It quickly and accurately detects, blocks, and responds to evasive threats that other solutions miss, by using powerful, cloud-based, next-generation sandbox technology.

How do I deploy Sophos Central email?

You need to:

  1. Add your domain and verify ownership.
  2. Add mailboxes to Sophos Email.
  3. Bypass Exchange Online Protection in Office 365.
  4. Restrict delivery to Sophos IP addresses.
  5. Configure a Secure connector between Office 365 and Sophos Email.
  6. Modify MX records to point to Sophos Email.
  7. Test and confirm mail flow.

How does Sophos email encryption work?

Sophos solutions encrypt sensitive email automatically and transparently. … End users can have the option to encrypt their own messages using an Outlook plugin, while Sophos SPX Encryption enables users to manage their encrypted email in their preferred email client.

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What is Sophos Email?

Sophos Email is a cloud-based secure email gateway solution for Sophos Central. Built to integrate seamlessly with popular email platforms, Sophos Email is engineered to keep businesses safe from email threats, simply stopping spam, phishing, malware, and data loss.