How do I register my security token?

How do I activate my security token?

Steps to activate your security tokens

  1. Log on to My Security Centre.
  2. Click Activate token.
  3. Enter the 10-digit serial number on the back of your token.
  4. Click Activate token.

How do I find my security token?

To gain access to your security token, go to “Setup” (appears in the top right corner, under your name). In the left side menu column (under Personal Setup), open the drop down item “My Personal Information.” The option to reset your security token will appear right under password reset option.

How do I create a PlayOnline account?

Log in to your Square Enix account and select “Select Service” then choose FINAL FANTASY®XI. Click on the PlayOnline button and enter your Free Trial registration key. You will be provided with a PlayOnline password and ID.

How do I activate my Bendigo Bank security token?

To register your free e-token

  1. Visit your local branch or call us on 1300 236 344.
  2. We will ask for your unique Credential ID to register you (visible when you open the Symantec VIP Access app on your device).

How does a security token work?

Security tokens authenticate identities electronically by storing personal information. They are issued by Security Token Services (STS), which authenticate the person’s identity. They may be used in place of or in addition to a password to prove the owner’s identity.

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Can I transfer money without token?

You can transfer funds from gtbank to another bank account using your phone, without using the gtbank token device. … Dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No# from the mobile number registered with the Bank. Select recipient’s bank (FBN, Access, Zenith, UBA & DBN).

How do I change my security token?

To reset your personal security token, do the following:

  1. Log in to Salesforce.
  2. Access your Salesforce settings.
  3. Enter reset into the Quick Find search bar.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Click Reset My Security Token.
  6. Click Reset Security Token.
  7. Navigate to the email address that is listed in your Salesforce personal settings.

What is banking security token?

A security token is a peripheral device used to gain access to an electronically restricted resource. … Examples include a wireless keycard opening a locked door, or in the case of a customer trying to access their bank account online, the use of a bank-provided token can prove that the customer is who they claim to be.

Is FFXI free?

Fee Overview

To play FINAL FANTASY XI, you will need to pay the game’s basic service fee and all service fees for each option associated with your service account. … To play FINAL FANTASY XI, you will need to pay a basic service fee and fees for each character.

Is FFXI still active?

Final Fantasy XI, somehow, has an active user base eighteen years after its launch. Here’s how Square Enix has kept the MMO alive all these years. … Perhaps even more amazing is that Final Fantasy XI continues to have an active player base in 2020, as well as a paid subscription service.

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