How do I transfer Symantec Endpoint Protection to another computer?

How do I move Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to another computer?

For Microsoft SQL server databases

  1. Gather the recovery file from the existing SEPM. …
  2. Decommission the existing SEPM. …
  3. Ensure that the new SEPM has the same host name as the existing SEPM. …
  4. Install SEPM to the new server, making sure to match the version of SEPM to the existing server.

How do I export Symantec Endpoint Protection?

1) Export the Policies from the SEP client machine already running the policy which needs to be transferred.

  1. Open the SEP client.
  2. Click on Help.
  3. Click on Troubleshooting.
  4. Under Management, click the Export button.
  5. Export the policy in . xml format to the hard drive.

How do I get Symantec Endpoint Protection to work on Chrome?

How can I fix Chrome’s incompatibility with Symantec Endpoint?

  1. Update Symantec Endpoint Protection. Symantec’s official fix for SEP’s Chrome incompatibility is to update Symantec Endpoint to the latest 14.2 version. …
  2. Deactivate Chrome’s renderer code. …
  3. Edit the registry. …
  4. Launch Chrome with no sandbox.

How do I export my Symantec Endpoint Protection client list?

Just exporting the Client Status log will do the trick. So, via the SEPM console go to MONITORS -> Logs -> Client Status Log Type, and select whatever filters you want. Click to “View Logs” and export.

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How do I change my IP address for Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager?

In Management Servers, on the right click Add, and then choose New Server. Enter the new IP address that will be assigned to the SEPM server. Ensure that the HTTP or HTTPS port used for the new IP being added matches the port previously used for the old IP in the Management Server List, then click OK to add the new IP.

How do I move the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager SQL database to a new SQL Server?

Back up and restore the database:

  1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio for the current server.
  2. Right-click the sem5 database and choose Tasks > Back Up. …
  3. Copy the backup file to the new SQL server.
  4. Open the SQL Server Management Studio for the new server.
  5. Right-click Databases in the server tree and click Restore Database.

How do I update Symantec EndPoint Protection?

Open Symantec EndPoint Protection from the gold shield next to your clock at the top right of your screen. Click on the LiveUpdate Now button at the bottom of the screen.

How do I permanently fix Aw snap in Chrome?

Fix Google Chrome Aw Snap Error

  1. Reload the page.
  2. Check your internet connection.
  3. Open the page in an Incognito window.
  4. Clear your cache & cookies.
  5. Close other tabs, extensions, & apps.
  6. Update Google Chrome.
  7. Some Bonus Tips.

What is error code Status_invalid_image_hash?

STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH is a browser error due to an invalid executable file image security hash that you would normally see while browsing the internet or on video streaming websites. You can fix this minor issue with the registry editor and few other troubleshooting ways.

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