How much does Y plus security cost in India?

Y-plus is the third level of security for which the central government pays from its own pockets. The Government allocated CRPF’s budget for 2020-2021 is ₹26,000 crore, and it uses 7.5 percent of its strength for the purpose of providing security to the VIPs in the country.

Can I get Y-plus security in India?

The different levels of security cover in India are Z+, Z, Y+, Y , and X. The Special Protection Group (SPG) is an exclusive privilege for the Prime Minister. Families of former prime ministers are eligible for it for five years after the tenure ends.

Can IAS get Z security?

It can be classified based on strength of security. They are Z+ category – provided by 36 personnel, Z category – provided by 22 personnel, Y category – provided by 11 personnel, X category – 2 personnel.

What is the salary of SPG commando?

Average Special Protection Group Security Officer salary in India is ₹ 11 Lakhs for 8 to 24 years of experience. Security Officer salary at Special Protection Group ranges between ₹8 Lakhs to ₹ 14.9 Lakhs. According to our estimates it is 244% more than the average Security Officer Salary in India.

What is Y plus security?

Y+ category is a security detail of 11 personnel, including 2-4 commandos and police personnel. … Y category is a security detail of 8 personnel, including 1 or 2 commandos and police personnel. X category is a security detail of 2 personnel, with no commandos but only armed police personnel.

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Which security is given to President of India?

The President’s Bodyguard (PBG) is an elite household cavalry regiment of the Indian Army.

What is Y security cover?

Armed commandos of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) will be with him every time he travels to any part of the country, they said and added that the ‘Y’ security cover will entail a posse of about 4-5 armed commandos with him.

Which security is given to IAS officers?

Security: They can get their own licensed guns like other citizens but they are not allotted a gun by the government. However, they are allotted three home guards and two bodyguards for themselves and their families. 4. Bills: IAS officers get free or highly subsidised electricity, water, gas and phone connections.

Why did kangana get Y security?

Ms. Ranaut whose two tweets regarding the ongoing farmers’ protest were recently deleted by Twitter for violating the platform’s rules, was accorded ‘Y’ category VIP security by the MHA on September 7 last year.