How secure is Mimecast?

Once the user presses Send, the email and attachments are securely uploaded to an email server on the Mimecast cloud, scanned for malware, checked against email privacy, content and data leak prevention (DLP) policies, and then stored in a secure AES-encrypted archive.

How safe is Mimecast?

Mimecast security services also provide email protection against spam, malware and viruses, with a 100% anti-malware protection and 99% anti-spam protection SLA. Mimecast Secure Email Messaging allows employees to share sensitive data more easily, even when TLS encryption isn’t available.

Is Mimecast encrypted?

Mimecast Secure Messaging provides an encrypted messaging solution that is simple and intuitive for both the sender and recipient to use, while eliminating the administrative burden and IT overhead of traditional approaches.

How does Mimecast secure messaging work?

Secure Messaging provides a user friendly, secure channel for sending and receiving sensitive information via email. It uses the power of the Mimecast Gateway to delivery emails securely. The messages are sent via the Mimecast Gateway and accessed by the user using the Mimecast Secure Messaging Portal.

What is Mimecast secure email?

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway protects organizations and employees from spear-phishing, malware, spam and zero-day attacks by combining innovative applications and policies with multiple detection engines and intelligence feeds to keep sophisticated attackers out.

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What is the purpose of mimecast?

Mimecast provides your organization with security, continuity and archiving cloud services in a mail management system designed to protect email, ensure access and simplify the tasks of managing email.

How do I send a secure message in mimecast?

To send a message securely:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Compose a Message as normal.
  3. Click on the Mimecast tab.
  4. Click on the Send Securely icon.
  5. Select the Secure Messaging Definition you’d like applied to the message. …
  6. Click the Send button.

How do I encrypt with mimecast?

To send encrypted files using Mimecast Secure Messaging, users simply need to create a new message in Outlook or Mimecast for Mac, attach the desired files and click Send Secure on the Mimecast tab before sending the message.

Does mimecast use TLS?

Mimecast supports connections using TLS 1.2 only.

Is signal the best messaging app?

Signal. Privacy experts consider Signal to be the best overall secure messaging app. The app, which is free on iOS and Android devices is open source, meaning anyone can inspect the code behind the app to ensure that there is nothing fishy going on.

How do I delete messages on mimecast?

It is not possible to delete emails from your Mimecast Archive. Click the Search link to open the Archive Search, which allows you to specify search text, set the date ranges, and select parts of the email to be searched, among other options.

How do I use secure messaging?

Once you log into the portal, just click the Secure Message icon to view or send messages. If you received a new message, an orange dot will indicate that. Start typing your message in the box that says Send a message, then hit enter (or return) on your keyboard when you’re ready.

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How do I secure my email?

Private Email: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Email Secure

  1. Use two-factor authentication. The basic principle of two-factor authentication is simple: combine something you know with something you have. …
  2. Limit forwarding. …
  3. Set expiration dates on your messages. …
  4. Understand your service provider’s TOS. …
  5. Encrypt your email.

Why do we need email security?

Email protection is important because of cyber threats like social attacks that target organizations via email. For example, phishing emails might trick users into giving up sensitive information, approving fake bills, or downloading malware that can go on to infect your company network.

How do I send a secure email?

In message that you are composing, click File > Properties. Click Security Settings, and then select the Encrypt message contents and attachments check box. Compose your message, and then click Send.