Is Protect America now Brinks?

Protect America transferred your account to Brinks Home Security on July 9. … We are happy to be your full-service provider and have over 25 years of experience with professional smart home security.

Does Protect America still exist?

Protect America isn’t a perfect system (there’s really no such thing), but they do offer total home protection, DIY installation, touchscreen control panels, and easy-to-understand plans (a few things we liked!).

How do I cancel Protect America?

The phone number for Protect America is 1-800-951-5190. Go through Protect America’s phone tree and press whatever number that will lead you to their Customer Service Department. Protect America will ask you for your customer information. Then notify them of your intention to cancel.

Did Brinks go out of business?

The owner of a Farmers Branch-based company that operates Brinks Home Security filed voluntary bankruptcy Monday in a prepackaged deal with its creditors to eliminate $885 million in debt. … Farmers Branch-based Monitronics signed a licensing deal in February 2018 that led to its rebranding as Brinks Home Security.

Did ADT buyout Brinks?

Acquired by the Competition Tyco International, Ltd., the same company that owns ADT, bought Brinks Home Security with plans to merge the two home security giants into one. Brinks Home Security was sold for $2 billion, netting Tyco International an additional $565 million in annual revenue.

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Who is CEO of Brinks Home Security?

How long has Brinks Home Security been in business?

Brink’s Global Logo (1981–present)

One of the oldest commercial brands in the world, Brink’s has been synonymous with security and trust since being founded in 1859 and is today known around the world.

Who did Brinks merge with?

Washington, D.C.-based Crowell plans to pick up 61 Brinks lawyers in the deal, expected to take effect on July 1. Crowell said the move will create a team of more than 100 tech-focused IP lawyers and scientific professionals and give the combined firm 625 lawyers total.

Does Protect America have outdoor cameras?

Get access to 720p HD video with an indoor or outdoor wireless security camera. You’ll be able to view a live video feed from your smartphone through Protect America’s mobile app for both the indoor and outdoor camera. You’ll also be notified of activity inside and outside of your home.