Is protect good in singles?

Introduction. While Protect is generally considered a useful enough move in singles, most people seem to be in agreement that agree that haphazardly slapping Protect on every Pokémon in your team will attract some weird looks.

Is protect a good move Pokémon?

Incorporating Protect is basically a guaranteed Speed Boost. This not only ensures that you will be faster than your opponent, it also allows you to invest less EVs into your pokémon’s Speed stat than you normally would as that stat will be increased anyway, allowing you to focus on more offensive or defensive stats.

Does fake out work on Protect?

Fake Out only works on the first turn the Pokémon is out, so you’d only be able to stall for two turns (unless you roll the dice on repeatedly using Protect, of course).

Which is better detect or protect?

There is NO meaningful difference between Detect and Protect – Detect is just a fighting type while Protect is a normal type (and has more pp). Their effects are exactly the same, through different Pokemon may not be able to learn one, bu are able to learn the other.

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Is protect a priority move?

Protect (Japanese: まもる Protect) is a non-damaging Normal-type move introduced in Generation II.

Protect (move)

Type Normal
Accuracy —%
Priority +4
Does not make contact Not affected by Protect Not affected by Magic Coat Not affected by Snatch Not affected by Mirror Move Not affected by King’s Rock

How many times can you use protect in a row?

Usually protect only works one turn but would fail if you tried to use it the second turn. But in some occasional cases protect works two times in a row.

Can fake out hit Ghost types?

Fake out is a normal attack, and normal attacks can’t hit ghost.

Can you fake out dynamax pokemon?

Fake Out can still damage a Dynamax Pokémon, but will have no secondary effect. … Dynamax Pokémon cannot be switched out by the effects of moves that switch the target out (like Roar and Whirlwind).

Why does FAKE OUT keep failing?

Fake Out inflicts damage and always makes the target flinch, unless it has the Ability Inner Focus or Shield Dust. It has a priority of +1, so is used before all moves that do not have increased priority. Fake Out will fail if not used on the first turn the user is out.

Why do people run detect over protect?

Protect has wider distribution so mons using Imprison will usually have Protect, so if you can learn Detect its advantageous to do so. That’s the reason why Detect is used in competitive play at any rate.

Can you have protect and detect?

No. The only actual difference is PP (5/8 vs 10/16). Some Pokémon can learn Detect and some can only learn Protect. A Pokémon with Imprison can stop Protect if the Pokémon also has the move, so I guess in this instance it’s good to have Detect.

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What detect do?

Detect protects the user from all effects of moves that target it during the turn it is used, including damage. If it or other protection moves are used consecutively, its success rate decreases.