Is RCD protection required for lighting?

“There is no regulatory requirement for a lighting circuit to be RCD protected, per se, but if there is any new wiring buried Is RCD protection a legal requirement?

RCDs protect humans against electrocution in a way that fuses and circuit breakers do not. … If you have a new circuit installed, or a circuit is substantially modified, you may be required to have an RCD fitted under the Building Regulations (Part P) or BS7671 wiring regulations. This is a legal requirement.

What code has no RCD protection lighting?

The NICEIC electrician I used for my EICR has given me a code C2 for ‘no RCD protection to lighting circuits including bathroom lighting’.

Do all circuits need RCD protection 18th edition?

“Regulation 411.3. 4 specifies that additional protection from a 30mA RCD is now required for all lighting circuits in domestic properties, without exception.

How many computers can I put on a 30mA RCD?

(1) PC computers typically leak 3-5mA to earth during normal operation. Adding these together, it seems that putting more than 3 computers on a 30mA RCD system is against regs. If all the sockets share a single RCD at the CU, then this puts a limit on the number of PCs you can run in a house.

Is no RCD protection on lights a C2?

The socket-outlet circuit appears to have no RCD protection; if the sockets are supplying equipment outside, this would be a C2, otherwise a C3.

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Is lack of RCD protection a C2?

EICR coding & what it means for your Landlord Report

There are however a number of situations where the lack of RCD protection is considered more of a danger and thus would be coded as C2 – POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS.

Is no RCD a C1?

Obviously you consider RCD protection (additional protection) to socket circuits the most important possible difficulty with an installation, therefore a C1.

What circuits need to be RCD protected?

For new installations and rewires, all socket-outlets with a rated current not exceeding 32A need to have additional protection by RCD, except where other than for an installation in a dwelling, a documented risk assessment determines that the RCD protection is not necessary.

Are lights on RCD?

Agreed, RCDs are now required on domestic lighting circuits, if the circuit is modified (replacing the lights, which are fixed equipment counts as that) then it must be brought up to spec.