Is Synology Surveillance Station secure?

Synology Surveillance Station delivers a reliable, private security solution to help keep the ones you love and things you care about the most, safe and always in sight. Through the user-friendly video management tools and an intuitive desktop-like interface, being in two places at once has never been easier.

How does Synology surveillance work?

Surveillance Station: A versatile DVR add-on app

Briefly, Surveillance Station is an add-on function that turns your Synology NAS server into a digital video recorder (DVR) for network cameras. It allows you to put security footage directly on your NAS server instead of the camera’s SD card or the vendor’s cloud.

What is Synology Surveillance Station client?

Available on web browsers, Synology Surveillance Station Client, Local Display, VisualStation, and DS cam (Learn more) Provides a centralized interface for viewing live video from different cameras. Layouts: Provides customizable layouts with up to 100 channels.

How do I protect my Synology NAS?

What can I do to enhance the security of my Synology NAS?

  1. Enable Security Advisor.
  2. Configure DSM users’ permission settings.
  3. Configure password strength rules.
  4. Set expiration for passwords.
  5. Use multi-factor authentication.
  6. Enable auto block and account protection.
  7. Enable HTTPS connection.
  8. Secure FTP service.
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Can you use Unifi cameras with Synology?

If you have a Synology NAS, then you can connect your Unifi Camera to the Synology Surveillance Station. With the Surveillance Station, you can record videos based on motion or time, send alerts when motion is detected and save the recording for a given amount of time.

Is Arlo Synology compatible?

Arlo Pro2 is a closed system and you cannot use it with Synology Surveillance Station.

How do I access Synology from outside?

The step-by-step plan

  1. Next, go to the configuration screen.
  2. Select ‘QuickConnect’.
  3. Select the “Enable QuickConnect” check box.
  4. Log in with a Synology account. …
  5. After logging in, choose a name for your NAS with which you can access it from outside your network and enter it in ‘QuickConnect ID’.

What is Xpenology?

Xpenology is a bootloader for Synology’s operating system DSM, running on a custom Linux version developed by Synology. Its optimized for running on a NAS server with all of the features you often need in a NAS device. … They’re smart using Linux and would fix strange bugs remote over ssh.

What is Synology Homemode?

With the release of Surveillance Station 8.1 this past fall, Synology introduced a new feature called Home Mode. Using Home Mode, users can customize recording, notification, stream profile, and action rule settings depending on whether they are at home or away.

How do I add a camera to my Synology Surveillance Station?

Add Cameras

  1. Go to Add > Add Camera.
  2. Select Quick Setup or Complete Setup and click Next.
  3. Select a server on which you want to install the camera and click Next.
  4. Enter the following Information settings: …
  5. If you selected Quick Setup, click Finish to complete setup. …
  6. Click Next to edit the following recording settings.
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How do I add a camera license to Synology?

Go to Surveillance Station > License. Click Add. Confirm the information in the window, tick the checkbox, and click Next. If you are adding licenses from the CMS host server, select a server and click Next.