Question: Are surge protection devices required by code?

Code Change Summary: New code section. Surge protection is now required for all dwelling unit services. In the 2020 NEC, a Type 1 or Type 2 surge protective device (SPD) will be required for dwelling unit services. … Additionally, an SPD will be required when an existing service is replaced.

Is surge protection a legal requirement?

Surge protection devices (SPD) are a requirement under the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations and essential in protecting equipment from damage.

Are whole house surge protectors required by code?

Since the 2020 code has yet to be adopted by any government entity, the recommendation for whole-house surge protection is currently not required under law. The decision to install whole-house surge protection is advisory, Sargent says.

Does 2020 NEC require surge protection?

Article 230.67 of the 2020 National Electrical Code® (NEC) now requires all services supplying dwelling units to be provided with a surge protective device (SPD), as an integral part of equipment or located immediately adjacent.

Do laptops need surge protection?

Short answer: Yes

A surge would likely only fry the laptop’s power brick, but whether any of the excess voltage/current could pass to the laptop is dependent on the internal design of the power brick. Surge protectors should be purchased based on Joule rating (higher Joule rating = better).

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Why surge protection is required?

Surge protective devices (SPDs) protect sensitive electrical equipment from harmful surges. Surges are a natural result of any electrical activity. … SPDs are designed to protect against surges and not other power quality issues such as swells and overvoltages.

What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 surge protection?

Type 1 devices are installed before the main device in the loadcenter, whereas Type 2 are installed following the main devices in the loadcenters. … Type 1 devices are dual-rated for Type 2 applications as well, providing the highest ratings available for installation at the service entrance.

Do I need to install an SPD?

If electrical damage can affect a large group of people, then an SPD must be installed. … This will ensure that if any damage is caused in the future, which could have been averted through the use of an SPD, that the contractor will have proof that it was declined by the customer.

What is a Type 2 surge protection device?

The Type 2 SPD is the main protection system for all low voltage electrical installations. Installed in each electrical switchboard, it prevents the spread of overvoltages in the electrical installations and protects the loads. Type 2 SPD is characterized by an 8/20 µs current wave.

How do I know if I need surge protection?

You don’t need a surge protector for your desk lamp or your standing fan, but you do want a surge protector for expensive devices that have intricate microprocessors, like computers, televisions, stereo systems, and media centers. In short, anything electronic and expensive benefits from a surge protector.

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