Question: Do shin guards go under your pants?

The shin guards should always be worn underneath the pant legs. … Always wear your shin guards so that the hooks and loops of the straps are on the outside of your leg.

How are you supposed to wear your shin guards?

Shin guards must be the right length, extending from about two inches below the knee to just above the bend in the ankle. Think also about the position you play. Defenders need the most protection, so ankle protection is a good idea. Midfielders must balance protection with flexibility to provide freedom of motion.

Why do some players not wear shin guards?

The most important reason: It’s simply a question of style. Like Cristiano Ronaldo wears long socks, some others are wearing sweatbands, … Besides, it’s not very comfortable to wear shin guards. One sweats heavily underneath them.

Are shin guards required in soccer?

Shin guards are required equipment in every organized soccer league from tiny tots to professionals. And, anyone who has ever played the game knows why. Shin guards are a necessary piece of equipment that protect players against all types of leg-level contact, from slide tackles to wild kicks and even intentional ones.

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