Question: Is Windows firewall protection alert real?

“Windows Firewall Warning Alert” is a fake error message similar to Error 268D3-XC00037, Microsoft System Security Alert, Your Device Is Under Threat, and many others. This error is displayed by a malicious website. … In fact, the “Windows Firewall Warning Alert” error is fake and a scam.

How do I get rid of the Windows firewall warning pop up?

Follow these steps:

  1. Click Start menu.
  2. Type Control Panel.
  3. Choose System and Security > Security and Maintenance.
  4. On the left side, click Change Security and Maintenance settings.
  5. Uncheck the box on the left side of Network firewall.
  6. Restart your computer.

Will Microsoft ever lock your computer?

These “YOUR COMPUTER WAS LOCKED” alerts are nothing more than a scam. … Microsoft does not send unsolicited email messages or make unsolicited phone calls to request personal or financial information or fix your computer. Treat all unsolicited phone calls or pop-ups with skepticism.

How do I get rid of fake virus alert?

How to remove fake pop-ups

  1. Download and install Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
  2. Disconnect from internet to prevent further interference from the adware.
  3. Reboot your computer into. …
  4. Delete any temporary files using ‘Disk clean up’
  5. Run the on-demand scan in Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
  6. If adware is found, delete or quarantine the file.
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Why does firewall keep popping up?

A firewall alert pop-up appears on your computer screen when the firewall detects suspicious network traffic on your computer. … there has been an intrusion attempt on your computer, and alerting has been turned on for Intrusion Prevention.

How do I stop Windows 10 firewall from popping up?

Go to System and Security. Select Windows Firewall. Click the Change notification settings on the left panel. Look for Notify me when Windows Firewall blocks a new app and check or uncheck the box.

What is Windows security alert?

What is Windows Security Alert? “Windows Security Alert” is a fake error message displayed by a malicious website. Users often visit this website inadvertently – they are redirected by potentially unwanted adware-type programs (PUPs). These apps usually infiltrate systems without consent.

Can a scammer lock my computer?

Tech Support scammers are using a free utility called Lock My PC to lock users out of their PCs unless they pay the requested “support” fees. For years telephone scammers pretending to be from Microsoft, Google, and other companies have been convincing people to let them access their computer to fix a “detected” issue.

Can Microsoft lock your laptop?

Lock your Windows device remotely

When you find your device on the map, select Lock > Next. Once your device is locked, you can reset your password for added security. For more info about passwords, see Change or reset your Windows password.

Why do I keep getting locked out of my computer?

The common causes for account lockouts are: End-user mistake (typing a wrong username or password) … Service accounts passwords cached by the service control manager. User is logged in on multiple computers or disconnected remote terminal server sessions.

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