Question: What is protection monitoring unhcr?

Protection Monitoring in the Americas is a UNHCR initiative that seeks to ensure an adequate and timely understanding of the protection situation of Venezuelan nationals out of their country.

What is the protection monitoring?

Protection monitoring is systematically and regularly collecting, verifying and analysing information over an extended period of time in order to identify violations of rights and protection risks for populations of concern for the purpose of informing effective responses.

What are the principles of protection monitoring?


1 of the Handbook, protection monitoring must be independent and neutral, and conducted with respect for the do-no-harm concept. Monitors must respect the principle of confidentiality, protect their sources, be sensitive to the feelings of victims and witnesses, and not make promises they cannot fulfil.

Why is protection monitoring important?

The results of protection monitoring on rights-related risks illuminate both impediments and reinforcements to civilians’ enjoyment of stable and secure lives within their communities. For example, lack of civil documentation places community members at risk of not being able to access basic rights and services.

What is protection unhcr?

Protecting refugees involves ensuring that their basic human rights are respected in accordance with international standards. To do this, UNHCR works both in refugees’ countries of ori- gin and in countries of asylum.

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What are protection principles?

Protection Principles. Protection is concerned with the safety, dignity and rights of people affected by disaster or armed conflict. It is central to all humanitarian action because it helps people avoid or recover from violence, coercion and deliberate deprivation.

What is meant by protection?

Protection refers to keeping something or someone safe. Through protection, we shelter and defend things. Since protecting is to shelter from harm, protection is the act of doing so. Children are under the protection of their parents, who keep them safe.

What are the four main elements of protection mainstreaming?

Protection Mainstreaming comprises the four key principles of prioritizing safety and dignity and avoid causing harm, ensuring meaningful access, accountability, and participation and empowerment.

What are the four humanitarian principles?

The principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence are fundamental to humanitarian action. Humanity means that human suffering must be addressed wherever it is found, with particular attention to the most vulnerable.

What is the protection mainstreaming?

Protection mainstreaming is the process of incorporating protection principles and promoting meaningful access, safety and dignity in humanitarian aid.

What is protection humanitarian work?

Protection is concerned with the safety, dignity and rights of people affected by disaster or armed conflict. The Humanitarian Charter summarises some of the most fundamental rights involved in humanitarian response. … Assist people to claim their rights, access available remedies and recover from the effects of abuse.

Is the UNHCR legal?

UNHCR name and emblem are the exclusive property of UNHCR. They are protected under international law. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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What is an example of protection?

Protection is a person or thing that shields from danger, pain or discomfort, or money paid to avoid violence or prosecution. An example of protection is an umbrella to stand under during a rainstorm. An example of protection is money paid by a shopowner to the mob to avoid violence.