Quick Answer: How do I enable Bitdefender Internet Security?

How do I stop Bitdefender from blocking my WIFI?

Open Bitdefender from your Desktop. Click on Protection from the left panel and click on Settings on the Online Threat Prevention tab. From the list that opens, make sure to turn off Encrypted Web Scan. Try your application with the module disabled.

How do I install Bitdefender 2020?

How to install Bitdefender on Windows

  1. Sign in to your Bitdefender Central account. …
  2. Go to My Devices, then click + Install Bitdefender products on your devices.
  3. A new window will pop-up. …
  4. Wait until the download completes, then run the installer. …
  5. The installation package is first updated, then the setup wizard appears.

Why is Bitdefender not installing?

To fix this situation, you will have to follow these steps: Remove any previous versions of Bitdefender from your system by using one of the uninstall tools available here. Remove any other security solutions installed and reboot the computer. … After that, reinstall Bitdefender from your Central.

Why is Bitdefender blocking my website?

Bitdefender Online Threat Prevention ensures a safe browsing experience by alerting you about potential malicious webpages. However, there is a small chance to mark a safe website or online application as unsafe. This will cause web protection to block them incorrectly.

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Can Bitdefender VPN be disabled?

In the Antivirus pane, click Open. In the Advanced tab, turn off Bitdefender Shield. When prompted, choose from the drop-down menu to keep it disabled Permanently or Until system restart.

Can Bitdefender affect WIFI?

To configure Bitdefender to apply product settings while connected to an unsafe wireless network: 1. Click the Utilities icon on the left sidebar of the Bitdefender interface. … Let the Adjusts product settings to boost protection when connected to an unsafe public Wi-Fi network checkbox enabled.

How long does Bitdefender take to install?

Bitdefender 2021: Installation and support

As the program installs itself, it runs a quick device assessment and lets you run a Quick Scan. It took us 13 minutes to get and install Bitdefender Total Security 2021, roughly twice as long as the previous version took.

How many computers can I install Bitdefender on?

A new subscription valid for up to 3 devices, 1 year will be added to your Central account. You will have two different subscriptions running separately in Central. 8. Now you can install Bitdefender on a new device.

Can I transfer Bitdefender to another computer?

When you get the paid version of Bitdefender’s Antivirus Plus, Internet Security or Total Security application, you can select between one to 10 licenses for the product, which means you can install Bitdefender normally on another computer if you have additional license slots remaining.