What are the three UK national security objectives?

Our overarching National Security Objectives: Protect Our People; Project Our Global Influence; and Promote Our Prosperity, continues to be the foundation of our National Security approach.

What are the 3 elements of the national security strategy?

There are three components to the means in national security strategy: elements of power, institutions/actors, and the instruments of power.

What are the national security goals?

As stated, the goal of the national security strategy is to ensure the protection of our nation’s fundamental and enduring needs: protect the lives and safety of Americans; maintain the sovereignty of the United States, with its values, institutions and territory intact; and provide for the prosperity of the nation and …

How does the UK define national security?

The role of MI5, as defined in the Security Service Act 1989, is “the protection of national security and in particular its protection against threats such as terrorism, espionage and sabotage, the activities of agents of foreign powers, and from actions intended to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by …

What are the UK’s strategic aims?

Promote our prosperity, expanding our economic relationship with growing powers such as India and China, helping to build global prosperity, investing in innovation and skills, and supporting UK defence and security exports.

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What are the seven elements of national security?


  • Military security.
  • Economic security.
  • Resource security.
  • Border Security.
  • Demographic security.
  • Disaster security.
  • Energy security.
  • Geostrategic security.

What are national security issues?

Anything that threatens the physical well-being of the population or jeopardizes the stability of a nation’s economy or institutions is considered a national security threat. National security threats can be further broken down into groups.

Is James Bond MI5 or MI6?

MI5 – Domestic intelligence, MI6 – foreign intelligence. Interestingly, that makes James Bond a member of MI6.

What are the UK’s national security objectives?

Strengthening security and defence at home and overseas, working with allies and partners to help us to maximise the benefits of openness and protect our people, in the physical world and online, against a range of growing threats.