What can I put on the bottom of my chair legs to protect my hardwood floors?

The best way to protect your hardwood floors is with felt chair glides or felt furniture pads. Durable felt is soft on hardwood floors but strong enough to withstand the weight of the furniture and repeated movement and use.

How do you keep chair legs from scratching hardwood floors?

Use Furniture Pads

Furniture pads are fixed to the bottom of furniture legs to prevent scratches and dents. They are most commonly made of foam, plastic, felt or rubber so that your chair glides across your wood floor instead of scratching it.

Will heavy furniture damage wood floors?

Too much movement from the heavy furniture can damage them, exposing the nail and potentially scratching the floor.

What can I use for chair legs?

A popular form of chair leg protection is the chair glides or furniture pads. Quite simply, these are pads made of different types of material that are put on the bottoms of your chair legs. There are different types of chair glides, each offering different levels of cost and protection. Tap-on/nail-on pads.

How do you protect the floor of a metal chair leg?

Metal chairs such as folding chairs tend to wear through the plastic or rubber caps on the bottoms of the legs, resulting in scratched floors or damaged carpets. Make your own wear-proof cap by purchasing replacement rubber chair-leg caps in the same size.

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How do you keep dog hair off chair legs?

Luckily, there are some simple tips that can help you clean up pet hair, so it doesn’t start to take over your home.

  1. A Paint Roller with a Twist. …
  2. An Emory Board for Your Chair Legs. …
  3. Vacuum in More Ways Than One. …
  4. Water, Fabric Softener and a Squeegee Can Conquer Pet Hair.