What does it mean to be taken off guard?

Not watchful, easily surprised. It is often put as catch (or be caught) off guard, meaning “take (or be taken) by surprise.” For example, The securities analyst was caught off guard by that financial report, or With any luck the boss will be off guard when I come in late.

How do you catch someone off guard?

How To Catch People Off Guard

  1. Unnecessary yodeling mid-day in the piazza.
  2. Waiting approximately three seconds before responding to anything. …
  3. Taking a deep, loud breath in and then sprinting down three stairs at a time in Dodge. …
  4. Quoting yourself when talking to people.

What does it mean to stay on guard?

DEFINITIONS1. to be officially put somewhere to guard someone or something. Synonyms and related words. To protect or defend someone or something. protect.

What does it mean when a girl says you caught me off guard?

(also catch someone by surprise) to surprise someone, esp. in a way that makes the person feel confused or uncertain: The news caught her completely off guard – she didn’t know what to say.

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What is another word for caught off guard?

What is another word for caught off guard?

caught unawares wrongfooted
caught off-guard crept up on
startled bushwhacked
captured come down on like a bolt from the blue
come down on come upon

What’s another word for being on guard?

What is another word for on guard?

alert vigilant
attentive watchful
observant heedful
careful wary
awake circumspect

What is a word for being on guard?

prepared, alert, cautious, circumspect, on the alert, on the lookout, ready, vigilant, wary, watchful.

What does on God mean?

“Ong” is shorthand for “On God,” which can mean a couple of things. It most typically means “I swear to God,” or to emphasize that someone’s telling the truth.

What does it mean when someone says you caught me off guard?

to catch someone off guard: to surprise someone, to find someone unprepared. idiom. His question caught me off-guard. I was not expecting him to ask me anything!.

Is it bad to catch someone off guard?

Caught Off Guard Meaning

Definition: To surprise someone by doing or saying something unexpected. The phrase to catch someone off guard means to surprise someone in a way he or she was not expecting. It can be used in positive, negative, and neutral contexts. It is unclear when this idiom was first used.

How do I get my girlfriend off guard?

Catching a woman off guard disarms her totally.

  1. Leave a provocative voice mail message. …
  2. Send a provocative message via text.