What is a guarded prognosis?

A “guarded” prognosis is when the person formulating the opinion simply does not have enough information to know or to foretell what the outcome may be. For example, suppose an evaluee has undergone a recent surgery and the recovery period has not been completed. This could lead to a guarded prognosis.

What does condition guarded mean?

1 : cautious, circumspect. 2 : being an extremely serious condition with uncertain outcome was in guarded condition after the crash.

What does a guarded prognosis mean in dogs?

prognosis would be poor, guarded or grave to meet this definition): (1) have a behavioral or temperamental characteristic that poses a health or safety risk. or otherwise makes the animal unsuitable for placement as a pet, and are not likely to become.

What does guarded recovery mean?

References in periodicals archive ? Medically, we call this a guarded prognosis meaning that the case could either die or recover but the situation was more grave than optimistic.

What does prognosis poor mean?

A bad prognosis means there is little chance for recovery. Someone with a good or excellent prognosis is probably going to get better.

What does it mean when a doctor says prognosis is guarded?

A “guarded” prognosis is when the person formulating the opinion simply does not have enough information to know or to foretell what the outcome may be.

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What is worse serious or critical condition?

Serious: The patient is very ill, and might have unstable vital signs outside the normal limits. Indicators are questionable. Critical: The patient has unstable vital signs that are not normal, and could be unconscious. Indicators for recovery are unfavorable.

What is prognosis level?

A prognosis may be described as excellent, good, fair, poor, or even hopeless. Prognosis for a disease or condition is largely dependent on the risk factors and indicators that are present in the patient.

What should I feed my dog with protein loss enteropathy?

Homemade diets are frequently chosen for severe PLE patients because they can serve several important focuses: 1) the protein source can be novel and highly digestible (e.g. turkey, venison, egg), 2) the amount of fat can be easily controlled (no fat to ultra-low fat) – which is extremely important for PLE management, …

Is poor worse than guarded?

* Fair (also satisfactory or stable): Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. The patient is conscious, but he is uncomfortable or may have minor complications. His outlook is favorable. * Serious (also poor or guarded): The patient is acutely ill with questionable outlook.

How do you describe prognosis?

Classically, prognosis is defined as a forecast or prediction. Medically, prognosis may be defined as the prospect of recovering from injury or disease, or a prediction or forecast of the course and outcome of a medical condition.