What is a metatarsal guard?

Steel Blue’s Met-Guard, or Metatarsal Guard, is specially designed to protect the metatarsal area of the foot that extends from the toes.

What are metatarsal guards and what do they do?

Metatarsal guards are a form of personal protective equipment (PPE) that protect the top of the foot from compression injuries. They consist of guards that fit over the instep of the foot protecting it from heavy weights.

Do I need a metatarsal guard?

The legislation says that metatarsal protection should be provided when there is a “substantial risk of a crushing injury” to the foot. Metatarsal boots are mostly required when lifting or rolling heavy and typically metal objects (train wheels, loaded drums of liquid, etc.).

Is Met guard the same as metatarsal?

But, as safety standards and technology have advanced, more workers are going beyond the toe to choose metatarsal guards, also known as met guards. … These safety toe boxes only cover about 1” to 1.5” of the foot, leaving the metatarsals—the long bones that connect the toes to the ankle—unprotected.

What is metatarsal footwear?

Originally, Metatarsal Boots were only made with External Guards, that are made of impact resistant plastic and sit on the outside of the shoe covering the lace (or metatarsal area) and extending down to and resting on the safety toe.

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Are metatarsal guards uncomfortable?

These must comply with the same standard: ASTM F2413-A. Initially, metatarsal boots were manufactured with external protectors only. These weren’t very popular among workers because they were rigid, bulky, and uncomfortable. These inconveniences led to the development of softer and more comfortable internal protectors.

Are metatarsal guards required by OSHA?

OSHA allows employers to use metatarsal guards or footwear with built-in metatarsal protection when metatarsal protection is needed in the workplace. If the employer requires employees to wear metatarsal shoes or boots, the employer is required to pay for the footwear.

What is a internal metatarsal boot?

Internal Metatarsal Boots are designed to give your toes and instep extra protection from impact and compression. Workingperson.com has a large selection of boots with ASTM-approved Internal Metatarsal guards to protect your feet even on the toughest worksites.