What is an Order of Protection in NY?

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How does an order of protection work in NY?

Order of Protection in New York

  • An Order of Protection can require a person to stay away from another person, their home, school and work. The order could also prohibit some types of contact with the other person, or even all contact. …
  • An Order of Protection may allow some contact.

What is the difference between a restraining order and an order of protection?

When an order of protection is filed, the Court will normally issue a temporary emergency protection order valid for 15 days, without a hearing. … A restraining order is a court order that orders the abuser to cease all contact with the victim.

How long does an order of protection last in New York?

A Temporary Order of Protection usually lasts from one court date to another court date. A Final Order of Protection will be issued when there is a final disposition in the case. A Final Order of Protection can last from one year to several years, depending upon the seriousness of the case.

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What qualifies for an order of protection?

You have to sign an affidavit about what your abuser has done to you. An affidavit is a form that you swear is true and sign in front of a notary or a Judge. If the court finds you are in danger of harm, you will first get a Temporary Order of Protection. Then a hearing will be set.

How do you get an order of protection dismissed?

If you believe the protection order was granted improperly or that it is no longer needed, you can file a motion asking the court to “dissolve” (terminate or cancel) the protection order. After you file the motion, the court will decide whether or not to schedule a hearing.

How do I get an order of protection removed in NY?

If a complaining witness does not want an order of protection anymore, his or her recourse is to speak with the DA and defense attorney in criminal cases, or to speak with his or her own attorney (or the judge if he or she is not represented) in family cases.

How long is order of protection good for?

A restraining order can either last for a specific amount of time, or it can be issued for an indefinite period. The duration of the order will depend on the circumstances, the severity of actions and potential ongoing risk to the victim. The usual period for a restraining order runs between 10 days and one year.

What if someone lies to get a restraining order?

Yes, even if your spouse lied his/her way into getting a protective order against you, there is nothing much you can do about it except wait for the court to decide whether to cancel the order or keep it. … “As a result, he is criminally charged for violating the protective order.”

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