What is Deep Security Relay?

Deep Security Relays are agents where you have enabled the relay feature, available in Deep Security Agent 9.5 or newer for Windows and Linux [64-bit only]. Relays update your agents more quickly, reduce manager load, and save Internet connection or WAN bandwidth.

How do you install a Deep Security Relay?

Installing the Deep Security Relay

  1. Double-click the installation file to run the installer package. …
  2. Accept the license agreement and click Next to continue.
  3. Select the features that you want to install. …
  4. Click Install to proceed with the installation.
  5. Click Finish to complete the installation.

How do you disable a Deep Security Relay?

Remove relay functionality from an agent

  1. Go to Administration > Updates > Relay Management.
  2. Click the arrow next to the relay group whose relay you want to convert back to an agent.
  3. Click the computer.
  4. Click Remove Relay.

How do I check my deep security relay version?

Enable a relay

  1. Verify that the agent is activated.
  2. Verify that the agent is not already a relay.
  3. Go to Administration > Updates > Software > Local and verify that the corresponding package has been imported.
  4. Verify that the computer is running a 64-bit version of the agent software.
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How does deep security work?

Deep Security leverages proven security controls, like IPS and application control deployed on the server, to enable context-based, high-performance proactive protection across the hybrid cloud. Shields servers from vulnerabilities.

What is Trendmicro deep security?

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ can automatically protect new and existing workloads against even unknown threats with techniques like machine learning and virtual patching. A full range of security capabilities in a single smart agent. Protection against vulnerabilities and for end-of-life systems.

How do you set up a relay?

To set up a smart host:

  1. In Server Admin, select Mail and click Settings.
  2. Under Relay all mail through this host, enter smtp-relay.gmail.com.
  3. Click Save to close the Server Admin.
  4. Restart the mail service.
  5. When you’ve completed your configuration, send a test message to confirm that your outbound mail is flowing.

How install DS agent in Linux?

Install an Ubuntu or Debian agent

  1. Go to Administration > Updates > Software > Download Center.
  2. Import the agent package into Deep Security Manager.
  3. , and then export the installer (. deb file).
  4. Copy the installer file to the computer.
  5. Install the agent. sudo dpkg -i <installer file>

What is Ds_am process?

ds_am (Anti-malware scan process)2.

How do I find deep security agent in Linux?

You can use the command line option to perform the following actions on a Deep Security Agent running on Linux: start. display status. stop.

Run the following on the command line:

  1. To start: /etc/init. d/ds_agent start.
  2. To display status: /etc/init. …
  3. To stop: /etc/init. …
  4. To reset: /etc/init. …
  5. To restart: /etc/init.
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What is Ds_agent?

File: DSAgnt.exe. The Dell Support Agent is a background process that starts with Windows. Installed on many Dell laptops, this application assists you with problems and provides a variety of help features in addition to the standard Microsoft Help.