What is Gsoc in cyber security?

GSOC as a Service (GSOCaaS) is the strategic merger of technology solutions to meet physical and operational security needs, delivered as a managed service. … Learn more about how we can support you with GSOC services 24/7, providing reliable, redundant capacity, dedicated specialists or shared GSOCaaS resources.

What is Gsoc cyber?

“The GIAC Security Operations Certified (GSOC) is a comprehensive certification covering the conceptual and practical skills for working on a modern cyber defense team.

What does a Gsoc do?

The GSOC operator is responsible for answering routine and emergency calls, monitoring alarms and video equipment including fire alarms, door alarms, and duress alarms and provides general assistance to employees, vendors and guests.

What is a SOC officer?

As a security operations center operator, or SOC operator, you monitor a variety of technologies including access control, video surveillance, and alarm systems to provide security service and threat elimination for industrial, business, or residential customers.

What does Sgsoc stand for?


Acronym Definition
GSoC Google Summer of Code (student code-writing program)
GSoC Global Security Operations Center (software)
GSoC German Space Operations Center
GSoC Gopher State One Call (Minnesota)

How do you build a global security operations center?

Seven Steps to Building Your SOC

  1. Develop your security operations center strategy.
  2. Design your SOC solution.
  3. Create processes, procedures, and training.
  4. Prepare your environment.
  5. Implement your solution.
  6. Deploy end-to-end use cases.
  7. Maintain and evolve your solution.
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How much do SOC analysts make?

The average salary for a soc analyst is $97,360 per year in California.