What is it meant by partnership working in the context of safeguarding?

Explain what is meant by partnership working in the context of safeguarding. Partnership working is when different agencies are working together to help safeguard the child. … Highly trained to recognise all signs of risks children may be in. Support and guide parents with young children.

What does partnership working mean in the context of safeguarding?

Partnership working means each professional, whether it’s the police, NHS, educations departments, NSPCC or social workers, if they have concerns to do with safeguarding, welfare child protection, they should work with the other agencies in contact with that child.

What does the term partnership working mean?

Partnership working refers to a broad range of actions and can easily be defined as. two or more groups coming together to achieve a common purpose. It is not. necessarily a 50/50 division of power or financial responsibility but there is always. some degree of spreading control or influence. (

What is the safeguarding partnership?

Safeguarding partners

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A clinical commissioning group for an area any part of which falls within the local authority area; The chief officer of police for an area any part of which falls within the local authority area.

What are the benefits of working with others in the context of safeguarding protection and welfare of children?

let’s have a look at the top 5 benefits that safeguarding training can bring to your workplace!

  • Learn who might be vulnerable. …
  • Recognising tell-tale signs of abuse and neglect. …
  • Improve your team’s communication ability. …
  • Increase trust in your institution. …
  • Enable staff to record and report abuse and neglect appropriately.

What are the benefits of partnership with regards to safeguarding?

Cooperation between agencies is important to help reduce the risk of cases slipping through the safeguarding system and stopping domestic abuse at an early stage or preventing it from happening in the first place. It makes it possible to see the whole picture, facilitating: early effective risk identification.

Why is it important to work in partnership with others?

Reasons why it is important to work in partnership with colleagues and other professionals. It enables us to build up productive ways of interacting and communicating with each other and to breakdown barriers between ourselves and the organisations with which we work.

Why is it important to work in partnership with professionals?

Collaborative approaches to transition also benefit professionals; working in partnership allows for the sharing of skills, knowledge and experience and results in the best outcomes for children and families. … Effective partnerships ensure the best use of professionals’ skills, knowledge and experience.

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Why is it important to work in partnership with health professionals?

Partnerships are good for working in health promoting ways because they: ​ Help to reduce service gaps. Make systems easier for our community to understand and access. … Promote a shared approach to addressing areas that impact on health (see Determinants of Health).

Who are the 3 local safeguarding partners?

The new statutory framework requires the three safeguarding partners (local authorities, police and CCGs): to join forces with relevant agencies, as they consider appropriate, to co-ordinate their safeguarding services; act as a strategic leadership group; and implement local and national learning, including from …

What should you avoid if a child makes a disclosure?


  • promise confidentiality.
  • ask leading or probing questions.
  • investigate.
  • repeatedly question or ask the girl to repeat the disclosure.
  • discuss the disclosure with people who do not need to know.
  • delay in reporting the disclosure to the Safeguarding team.