What is l2 security?

What is layer 2 network security?

Manage the switches in a secure manner. … For example, use SSH, authentication mechanism, access list, and set privilege levels. Restrict management access to the switch so that untrusted networks are not able to exploit management interfaces and protocols such as SNMP.

What are layer 2 attacks?

7 Popular Layer 2 Attacks

  • Overview. …
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Attacks. …
  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Attacks. …
  • Media Access Control (MAC) Spoofing. …
  • Content Addressable Memory (CAM) Table Overflows. …
  • Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)/Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) Reconnaissance. …
  • Virtual LAN (VLAN) Hopping.

Why is layer 2 security so important?

That weak link can be the data link layer or layer 2 of the OSI reference model. … We can secure the posterior of our network protecting it from external threats but it is equally important to secure the interior of the network as several threats actually originate from the inside.

What is an L2 connection?

L2 is used to deliver the packet to the correct destination once the packet has got to the right network. So a layer 2 connection means that on either end of the connection the same subnet/vlan exists.

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Is VLAN a Layer 2?

VLANs are data link layer (OSI layer 2) constructs, analogous to Internet Protocol (IP) subnets, which are network layer (OSI layer 3) constructs.

Is router a Layer 2 device?

If a router can packet switch as well as route, it is a layer 2 and layer 3 device. Same thing as a switch that can do routing. Anything upper layer protocol is going to sit on software and hardware that also function at the lower levels, but routing is done at 3.

Can VLANs be hacked?

MAC flooding attack is one of the common attacks on a VLAN. In a MAC flooding attack, the switch is flooded with packets of different MAC address therefore consuming memory on the switch. … The best way to secure VLAN from MAC flooding attack is through Static Secure MAC address.

What is network layer attacks?

The attacks of the network layer are: IP spoofing, hijacking, smurf, wormhole, blackhole, sybil and sinkhole. The attacks of the transport layer are: TCP sequence prediction, UDP &TCP flooding. … Also, are many attacks that effects the application layer such as SQL injection, SMTP attack, Malware attacks and FTP bounce.

Can MAC address be spoofed?

Mac spoofing is computer identity theft, for good or for bad reasons, and it is relatively easy. MAC spoofing refers to altering the MAC address on a NIC (network interface controller) card. The MAC address is “burned in” at the factory. Therefore each network card is shipped from the factory with a unique MAC address.

How do you do VLAN hopping?

There are two primary methods of VLAN hopping: switch spoofing and double tagging. Both attack vectors can be mitigated with proper switch port configuration.


  1. Simply do not put any hosts on VLAN 1 (The default VLAN). …
  2. Change the native VLAN on all trunk ports to an unused VLAN ID.
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What is DHCP snooping used for?

DHCP snooping is a security feature that acts like a firewall between untrusted hosts and trusted DHCP servers. The DHCP snooping feature performs the following activities: Validates DHCP messages received from untrusted sources and filters out invalid messages.

What is the difference between L2 and L3?

Layer two networks forward all their traffic, including ARP and DHCP broadcasts, so data transmitted by one device on L2 will be forwarded to all devices on the network. … Administrators on L3 can segment networks and restrict broadcast traffic to subnetworks, limiting the congestion of broadcast on large networks.

What is the difference between L2 and L3 network?

A switch is a device which sends a data packet in a local network.

Difference between layer-2 and layer-3 switches.

Layer 2 Switch Layer 3 Swicth
Work with MAC address only Can perform functioning of both 2 layer and 3 layer switch
Used to reduce traffic on local network. Mostly Used to implement VLAN (Virtual Local area network)