What is Primavera refund protect?

Anyone who has a Primavera Sound 2020 and / or 2021 ticket may request a refund if they wish to once they have received the refund form from the point of sale where they purchased the ticket. The 2022 line up will be released on that very same date.

Should I get refund protection?

Refund Protection provides you with the assurance that should unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances (Read more) interfere with your ability to attend an event you can claim a refund. Booking Protection covers a wide range of different scenarios and could be a sensible way to protect yourself financially.

How do I get a refund from Primavera?

Refunds can be requested from June 1st to June 16th 2021. On June 1st we’ll reach out to all fans who have not indicated that they would like to attend Primavera Sound 2022, to give them the option to claim a refund. If you have already swapped your tickets for another day, you will not be able to request a refund.

Can you sell Primavera tickets?

Resale of tickets is forbidden. IMPORTANT: The barcode allows access to the site one time only. It is your responsibility to look after it and to avoid any copies being made of it.

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Will Primavera Sound happen in 2021?

Primavera Sound Barcelona has canceled its 2021 festival, citing force majeure due to the pandemic. Tickets can be carried forward to the 2022 edition, the lineup for which will be unveiled on June 2. Refunds will be available from June 2, the date of the new lineup announcement. …

Can I get my money back if I cancel my flight?

In most cases, if you are the one cancelling your trip, you will only be entitled to a full refund if you’ve bought a fully-refundable ticket. … Even though the refund policies vary from airline to airline, there are certain occasions in which you may be allowed to receive the refund of your ticket.

Can a company refuse a refund?

You can usually still get a full refund due to what’s called your ‘short-term right to reject’. After that only expect exchange, repair or part-refund. Within six months. The shop must prove goods weren’t faulty when they sold ’em – after that, you must prove they were.

Will Primavera Sound happen?

After Primavera’s organisers were forced to axe their plans for the 2020 festival due to the coronavirus pandemic, the prevailing uncertainty surrounding the global health crisis has now forced the cancellation of Primavera Sound 2021 as well.

Is Primavera Sound all ages?

People of 16 and 17, who have bought their tickets are considered by the festival organization as adults and do not have to be accompanied. In some of the pre and post festival concerts scheduled in concert halls, the minimum age is 18 years.

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How fast does Primavera sell out?

The 2021 edition of Primavera Sound Barcelona has sold out of all full festival tickets and day tickets in just ten days.

Will Primavera go ahead?

The 2021 instalment of the Barcelona festival has been forced to cancel due to the coronavirus pandemic, but organisers are looking ahead to 2022. Primavera Sound 2021 has been cancelled. We will make it doubly good in 2022. …