What is sandstorm protection in Sophos?

Sophos Sandstorm is a new breach detection platform across the Sophos portfolio. The first Sandstorm component is a cloud-delivered next-generation sandbox that provides targeted attack protection, visibility and analysis by detecting, blocking and responding to evasive, unknown threats.

How do I enable Sophos sandstorm for email protection?

To configure Sophos Sandstorm for Email Protection, navigate to Email Protection > SMTP and then click the Malware tab.

How do I set up Sophos sandstorm?

How to configure Sandstorm for Web Protection

  1. Navigate to Firewall and edit the rule used to scan web traffic.
  2. Go to the Malware Scanning section and enable Detect zero-day threats with Sandstorm. …
  3. Verify Sophos Anti-virus (AV) is running from System Services > Services and check if Anti-virus is started.

Which XG software Licence is sandstorm protection included in?

EnterpriseProtect includes:Appliance and EnterpriseGuard subscription (Network Protection, Web Protection and Enhanced Support). EnterpriseProtect Plus additionally includes Sandstorm.

Where would you view information on files that have been referred to sandstorm?

To view details of a Sandstorm analysis, click Show report.

Which of the following protects your applications from new zero day threats?

Your firewall is crucial in protecting your system against zero-day threats. You can ensure maximum protection by configuring it to allow only necessary transactions. The more software you have, the more vulnerabilities you have. You can reduce the risk to your network by using a minimum of applications.

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Which option must be enabled before you can start managing your XG firewall in Sophos Central?

To configure XG Firewall to be monitored and managed from Sophos Central, click Manage from Sophos Central. The Sophos Central administrator has to accept XG Firewall before you can start managing from Sophos Central. To set a firewall backup schedule, click Configure. The backup will be saved on Sophos Central.

What happens when Sophos XG license expires?

This agent told me that the Sophos firewall license has been expired and will affect other services on the UTM machine/system (eg. Sophos expired license will brings down the operation of web services such as professional website server, ERP or PLM server that uses ip addresses for its service).

What is base firewall Sophos?

Base firewall: Includes Firewall, VPN, Wireless, site-to-site RED. Network Protection: Includes intrusion prevention system, RED appliances, advanced threat protection. Web Protection: Includes web categorization, antivirus, application control.