You asked: Are security requirements functional or nonfunctional?

Functional requirements describe what a system has to do. So functional security requirements describe functional behavior that enforces security. … Nonfunctional requirements describe what a system has to be.

Why security is non functional requirement?

The non-functional security requirements specify a security quality or attribute that the software must possess. The security property requirements specify the properties that software must exhibit. … The software must remain resilient in the face of attacks. The behavior of the software must be correct and predictable.

Is data security a non functional requirement?

Operational requirements describe how well the system is performing. When we refer to operational requirements within non-functional requirements, we are talking about accessibility, confidentiality, integrity, safety, usability, security, availability, efficiency, reliability, and suitability.

Is robustness a functional requirement?

An important aspect of quality for a high-quality system is the ability to function correctly and in an expected manner independent of events in the environment. This ability is also known as robustness.

What is scalability in non-functional requirements?

Scalability is the ability of the application to handle an increase in workload without performance degradion, or its ability to quickly enlarge.

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