Your question: Are safeguarding records kept?

The child protection files should kept in one place, separate from other pupil records, in a locked cabinet accessible only by relevant staff. … Effective record keeping is an important aspect of child protection, and many Serious Case Reviews illustrate what happens when record keeping is weak.

How long do you keep safeguarding records?

In the voluntary and community sector, records relating to child protection should be kept for 7 years after your organisation’s last contact with the child and their family.

How do you store safeguarding records?

Child protection records must be kept separate from all other records relating to that child. Child protection records should be stored in a locked cabinet preferably within the DSL’s office with access only to those with direct child protection responsibility for children.

Can you see your safeguarding record?

An adult can request to see information held upon them under the Data Protection Act. They may be provided with information regarding themselves only – all other information will be removed.

Can parents request safeguarding records?

Parents (i.e. those with parental responsibility in law) can request to see their child’s record. The school should take advice about sharing information with parents as there is no blanket right for a parent to access their child/ren’s information under the GDPR/DPA 2018.

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What are the 5 R’s of safeguarding?

All staff have a responsibility to follow the 5 R’s (Recognise, Respond, Report, Record & Refer) whilst engaged on PTP’s business, and must immediately report any concerns about learners welfare to a Designated Officer.

What are the 6 principles of safeguarding?

What are the six principles of safeguarding?

  • Empowerment. People being supported and encouraged to make their own decisions and informed consent.
  • Prevention. It is better to take action before harm occurs.
  • Proportionality. The least intrusive response appropriate to the risk presented.
  • Protection. …
  • Partnership. …
  • Accountability.

What should be in a safeguarding file?

All notes and reports must contain the following:

  • Date of the incident.
  • Date and time of the record being made.
  • Name and date of birth of the child(ren) concerned.
  • A factual account of what happened, and the location where the incident took place (keeping it in the child’s words)

Where can I record safeguarding concerns?

Front line managers can report their concerns directly to the local authority adult safeguarding team, as well as directly to the Care Quality Commission.

How long keep early years records?

Copies should be kept for a reasonable period e.g. 3 years unless they relate to child protection in which case it would be 24 years Some LSCBs recommend keeping Early Help records for the same length as child protection documents – please check with your Designated Officer or Team of Officers in your area for further …

When should safeguarding records be disposed of?

no later than 5 years after opening (with some exceptions e.g. patient/client case files, personnel files relating to individual employees) as directed in Disposal Schedules (Local disposal schedules should advise when files should be closed)

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