Your question: What is Microsoft account protection?

Microsoft prioritizes account security and works to prevent people from signing in without your permission. When we notice a sign-in attempt from a new location or device, we help protect the account by sending you an email message and an SMS alert.

What is a Microsoft account and why do I need it?

A Microsoft account is a free account you use to access many Microsoft devices and services, such as the web-based email service (also known as,,, Office Online apps, Skype, OneDrive, Xbox Live, Bing, Windows, or the Microsoft Store.

Is it safe to make account on Microsoft?

Protect your password. Don’t use the same password you use on other sites, and remember to change your Microsoft account password (as well as other passwords) regularly. … If you receive an email message about the security of your Microsoft account, it could be a phishing scam.

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Why do I keep getting a Microsoft account problem message?

What is this Microsoft account problem notification? The notification appears because of a Windows feature called Shared Experience. Microsoft created this feature to allow you to move from one device to another and continue what you were doing.

Is Microsoft account security alert real?

Microsoft Account Security Alerts can be both a real notification from Microsoft or a phishing attack from a cyber criminal. Having a workforce that is trained in how to verify the validity of the email is important to protecting your network.

Do you really need a Microsoft account?

A Microsoft account is required to install and activate Office versions 2013 or later, and Microsoft 365 for home products. You might already have a Microsoft account if you use a service like, OneDrive, Xbox Live, or Skype; or if you purchased Office from the online Microsoft Store.

How can I tell if I have a Microsoft account?

If your email address is displayed under your name, then you are using a Microsoft account. If you do not see any email address listed, but you see “Local Account” written right under your user name, then you are using an offline local account.

Can my Microsoft account get hacked?

Your Microsoft account is still an account, and it too can be hacked if mishandled.

Can I delete Microsoft account?

Select the Start button, and then select Settings > Accounts > Email & accounts . Under Accounts used by email, calendar, and contacts, select the account you want to remove, and then select Manage. Select Delete account from this device. Select Delete to confirm.

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Which is better local account or Microsoft account?

A Microsoft account offers many features that a local account does not, but that doesn’t mean a Microsoft account is for everyone. If you don’t care about Windows Store apps, only have one computer, and don’t need access to your data anywhere but at home, then a local account will work just fine.

How do I get rid of a Microsoft account problem message?

Click the Start Button, then go to Settings. Click Accounts and go to Email & app accounts. If you see your Microsoft account listed under Accounts used by other apps. Click on it and select the “Remove” option.

Why can I not log into my Microsoft account?

When you can’t sign in to your Microsoft account (also called as Windows Live ID), that means the system is not accepting your log in credentials because you may be entering the wrong account name, the wrong password, or both.

How do I recover my Microsoft account password?

Reset your password

  1. Select Forgot password? If the Enter password window is still open select Forgot password? …
  2. Verify your identity. For your protection, Microsoft must verify your identity before you can proceed with resetting your password. …
  3. Get a verification code. …
  4. Enter code and reset password.

How can I tell if an email from Microsoft is genuine?

If you aren’t sure about the source of an email, check the sender. You’ll know it’s legitimate if it’s from the Microsoft account team at

How do I find out my Microsoft account name and password?

Look up your username using your security contact phone number or email address. Request a security code to be sent to the phone number or email you used. Enter the code and select Next. When you see the account you’re looking for, select Sign in.

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Does Microsoft send texts?

We’ll only send a text message to the primary phone number on your Microsoft account. If your Microsoft account doesn’t have a cell number associated with it, we’ll contact you using one of the methods you’ve provided—your email address, for example.