Best answer: Does Depop have buyers protection?

“Depop has buyer and seller protection that covers all transactions made within the app. However, all purchases done outside of this are at your own risk. If you don’t receive your money or goods you’ll have no cover and will be left out of pocket.

Does Depop protect the buyer?

We offer Depop’s Buyer Protection on eligible transactions made using PayPal or Depop Payments. This means that buyers are always covered if something goes wrong with their order.

Can I get scammed on Depop?

Beware of fake goods

The problem is that some Depop scammers will flog an item as authentic when it most definitely is not, leaving you with an empty purse and a cheap knock-off. If the deal you’re being offered sounds too good to be true, unfortunately, it probably is.

What does Buyer Protection mean on Depop?

If you buy through Depop Payments, you’re protected. You’re covered if: You pay in-app using Depop Payments. Your purchase is significantly not as described. … You purchased a bundle but some of it is missing.

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How do you get seller protection on Depop?

Seller Protection

  1. Sales inside the app using the BUY button.
  2. Items that are not on our Prohibited Items List.
  3. Sales that have been shipped to the address in the Depop sales receipt.
  4. Sales with valid proof of tracked shipping.

What happens if I get scammed on Depop?

You lost any seller protection by sending to another address than the paypal registered address of the buyer. If you had met seller protection paypal would have reimbursed you.

Why is Depop bad?

Recently, many Depop sellers have come under fire for a pattern of unethical buying and selling practices. Sellers who appear to be wealthier individuals are being accused of raiding thrift stores to buy tons of product for a cheap price and re–selling on the platform for a signifigant mark–up.

What happens if seller doesn’t ship item Depop?

What should I do next?

  1. Message the Seller to ask for an update.
  2. Ask for proof of shipping.
  3. Check the tracking number to see the status of your order.
  4. Haven’t heard back or been waiting over 7 days? Report this in-app:

Do you get Depop fee back if you refund?

If you refund your buyer for a Depop sale, we’ll refund the Depop fee. … The Depop fee will be returned automatically when you refund your buyer through the app. If you sold through PayPal, reach out to our Support team to get a fee refund.

What can you not sell on Depop?


  • Adult only material and nudity.
  • Advertisements.
  • Alcohol.
  • Animals and wildlife products.
  • Counterfeit currency and stamps.
  • Counterfeit items, replicas and unauthorised copies.
  • Credit cards.
  • Data banks, mailing lists and personal information.
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How do you dispute on Depop?

If you paid through Depop via PayPal all you need to do is open a dispute …. If through Depop Payments Profile > Settings > Need Help? > Buying > My purchase > My item is not as described and find the item > ‘I’ve already contacted the seller’ > Send report.

Can Depop sellers see your address?

The techniques our advertising partners use do not use obvious identifying information such as name, address, email address or telephone number.

Can a Depop seller cancel an order?

Order can only be cancelled before confirm received. The “Cancel Order” option will be unavailable after confirm received. If you still have an issue, please contact your seller/buyer personally to handle it if necessary.

Are Depop sellers responsible after shipping?

Tips to help you get your items delivered successfully for the right price. In a nutshell: the seller is always responsible for shipping the item to the buyer.