Best answer: Does the Coast Guard have nurses?

There is no such thing as a Coast Guard nursing program, but you can get your degree from any school accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The USPHS Commissioned Corps also employs nurses who graduated from universities accredited by the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission.

Can I join the Coast Guard as a nurse?

Now, nurses who wish to serve their country can be part of the Nurse Corps of any major military branch – Navy, Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard.

Does the Coast Guard have a medical field?

Unlike some other military branches, such as the Army, the Coast Guard does not have a dedicated medical corps. However, you can still pursue a career in health care with the Coast Guard, because enlisted members can serve as health services technicians.

Which military branch is best for nursing?

Air Force Nursing

Like the Army and Navy, the Air Force also provides attractive incentive to join the Nursing corps. Working RNs and student nurses benefit most from scholarships and student loan repayment plans.

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Do Army nurses carry weapons?

And since they have often become targets, all medical personnel carry a pistol or service rifle (M-16) at all times, to be used for self-defense only.

How much do nurses make in the Coast Guard?

Career Comparison

Job Title Basic Pay Rate – Monthly (2017)*
Registered Nurses $3,035 (O-1)
Advanced Practice Nurses $3,035 (O-1)
Nurse Midwives $3,035 (O-1)
Critical Care Nurses $3,035 (O-1)

How much money do military nurses make?

According to and an estimate based upon a sample of 53 U.S. Army RN salaries, the average U.S. Army registered nurse earns $73,347, with a range of $58,000-$103,339 annually.

What is the highest paying job in the Coast Guard?

What is the highest paying job at United States Coast Guard? Senior Strategic Consultant is the highest paying job at United States Coast Guard at $160,000 annually.

Does the Coast Guard go to war?

In 1939, the U.S. Lighthouse Service was also merged into the Coast Guard. As one of the country’s six armed services, the Coast Guard has been involved in every major U.S. war since 1790, from the Quasi-War with France to the Global War on Terrorism.

United States Coast Guard
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Which military branch is best for females?

When signing up, there are a few branches to choose from; Army, Navy, Marines, and the Air Force. So, which military branch has the most females? The Army has the most females in terms of numbers, but women are most likely to join the Air Force.

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What rank do nurses enter the Navy?

A nurse is a commissioned officer whose salary schedule is equivalent to civilian pay grades O-1 (ensign in the Navy) through O-8 (rear admiral). The Navy nurse salary range $3,101.70 to $14,990 per month, which translates to a yearly range of 37,220.40 to $179,880.

What is the age limit for military nursing?

If you’re 45 years old, you may still join the Air Force or the Navy. Both service branches offer active duty and reserve duty role for registered nurses. The age limit for joining the Army Nurse Corps is 41, but age waivers may be granted on a case-by-case basis.