How do I connect to UniFi protect remotely?

How do I access UniFi Protect remotely?

You can access UniFi Protect anywhere by going to and signing in with your Ubiquiti SSO account. If you’d like to connect to Protect directly without going through Make sure your computer and UniFi OS Console are on the same network. Type your UniFi OS Console’s IP address into a web browser.

How do I access my UniFi cloud controller?

Log into the Unifi Controller, go to Settings and click “Cloud Access” on the left side. Turn on “Enable Cloud Access” and you will be asked for the UBNT credentials then enable it. Once you have completed this, you can log back into and see the Unifi Controller you have just connected.

How do I invite someone to UniFi Protect?

Steps To Add New User

Send an invitation from the Unifi Protect application or web site to the email associated with the user’s Ubiquiti account. In either app, this action is found at Users | Invite user. You should get a message like “Invitation sent.”

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How do I access my Ubiquiti controller?

Windows users: Start > All Programs > Ubiquiti UniFi. 2. The UniFi login screen will appear. Enter the admin name and password in the appropriate fields and click Login.

Is UniFi protect worth it?

Unifi Protect does a great job of finding the perfect balance between flexibility and ease-of-use. You can choose between a wide variety of cameras, which you can all install with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) and get it up and running in a couple of minutes.

How do I find my UniFi username and password?

Search for “username”. You will find many occurrences but the one you are interested in is <username>yourPPOEusername@unifi<username>. Below this username line, you will see <password>yourPPOEpassword<password>. It will also reveal your DDNS username and password which we usually set up once and forget always.

Is UniFi cloud access free?

That means exactly what it says — UNMS Cloud is now completely free of charge! We believe that having a reliable network and business management tool is crucial for any WISP. … You can create a UNMS Cloud instance for free, and instantly have access to modern network and customer management tools.

How do I manage UniFi users?

Within UniFi Access, you can manage users via the Users > User area.

How do I add an account to UniFi?

STEP 1: Visit Self-Care at STEP 2: On the right side of the page, there is ‘Register’ box. STEP 3: Enter your Full Name, Email Address and Password (enter your password twice to ensure you get it right). STEP 4: Click “REGISTER” and you’re done.

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How do I download UniFi protect?

Navigate the Protect mobile app

The UniFi Protect mobile app can be download on the App Store and the Google Play Store. After logging in, select which UniFi OS Console you would like to access Protect through.

How do I add a device to my Ubiquiti controller?

If you have an existing WiFi network:

  1. Connect your mobile device to the same network as your AP.
  2. Open the UniFi Network mobile app and scroll to the bottom of the UniFi OS Consoles list to find your device under Standalone Devices.
  3. Tap your device and follow the Setup Wizard.

How can I know my UniFi WiFi password?

Right click on the wireless network adaptor and select Status. Click the Wireless Properties button. In the Properties dialog that appears, move to the Security tab. Click the Show characters check box, and the network password will be revealed.

How do I access my UniFi router?

Step 1 To access the configuration page of the wireless router, open a Web browser such as Internet Explorer (IE) and enter (IP address of the wireless router) in the address bar. Step 2 Enter admin in the Username field and leave the password blank by default.