How do you measure for shin guards?

To determine your size, measure the length of the shin from the center of the kneecap to the top of the boot of the skate with when your leg is bent at a 90 degree angle. A proper fit enables the knee pad portion of the shin guard to sit directly in the center of the kneecap.

Can shin guards be too big?

Shin guards aren’t like shoes, says Singleton — they come sized small, medium or large, based on a child’s height. But they don’t have to fit perfectly from point X to Y to be effective. If you have a very young athlete, just watch that the shin guard isn’t too big, which can make it hard to run or change directions.

How do you keep shin guards from slipping?

Slip-in shin guards are lightweight shields that can be worn right under your socks. Some socks are snug enough to keep the shin guards from moving, but many players prefer to use tape, stays or compression sleeves to keep the shields in place throughout the game.

How do you wear ankle support shin guards?

Shin guards must be the right length, extending from about two inches below the knee to just above the bend in the ankle. Think also about the position you play. Defenders need the most protection, so ankle protection is a good idea. Midfielders must balance protection with flexibility to provide freedom of motion.

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