How much does a diver in the Coast Guard make a year?

The salaries of Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers in the US range from $18,477 to $485,361 , with a median salary of $88,722 . The middle 57% of Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers makes between $88,727 and $220,646, with the top 86% making $485,361.

What is the highest paying job in the Coast Guard?

What is the highest paying job at United States Coast Guard? Senior Strategic Consultant is the highest paying job at United States Coast Guard at $160,000 annually.

Does Coast Guard pay well?

Significantly, San Mateo has a very active Coast Guard job market as there are several companies currently hiring for this type of role.

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Coast Guard Jobs in California.

City San Francisco
Annual Salary $73,072
Monthly Pay $6,089
Weekly Pay $1,405
Hourly Wage $35.13

How much does a Coast Guard pay?

On joining Indian Coast Guard, you will be placed in Basic pay Rs. 29200/- (Pay Level-5). In addition, you will be paid Yantrik pay @ Rs. 6200/- plus Dearness Allowance and other allowances based on nature of duty/place of posting as per the prevailing regulations enforced time to time.

Is there a signing bonus for Coast Guard?

The bonuses are not small. “If you actually have a bachelor’s degree and you enlist, you’re getting a $10,000 bonus,” Sekitoleko said. “If you have an associate’s degree, it’s a $5,000 bonus.” That money is paying off for the Coast Guard.

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