Quick Answer: Can you configure port security trunk port?

configuration command for trunk and private VLAN trunk ports. connected devices. You can configure a number of addresses and allow the rest to be dynamically configured.

Can we configure port security on trunk ports?

Port security supports trunks. –On a trunk, you can configure the maximum number of secure MAC addresses both on the trunk and for all the VLANs on the trunk. –You can configure the maximum number of secure MAC addresses on a single VLAN or a range of VLANs.

What is a trunk port configure for?

Ethernet interfaces can be configured either as access ports or trunk ports. Trunks carry the traffic of multiple VLANs over a single link and allow you to extend VLANs across the network.

Why is port security enabled on switch trunk ports?

Configuring Trunk Port Security

It restricts the allowed MAC addresses or the maximum number of MAC addresses to individual VLANs on a trunk port. Trunk port security enables service providers to block the access from a station with a different MAC address than the ones specified for that VLAN on that trunk port.

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Can a port be access and trunk at the same time?

So you could configure a port as both a trunk (with “switchport trunk” statements) and an access port (with “switchport access” statements). When the link negotiates as a trunk, it will have the correct trunk configuration and if it doesn’t negotiate as a trunk, it will have the correct access configuration.

How do I enable ports after security violation?

One method to enable back an interface, after a Port Security violation related shutdown (Errdisable state) is to bring the interface down and again up by issuing the commands “shutdown” and “no shutdown”. Other method is to bring up the switch port automatically after a period of time in Errdisable state.

What are the port security violation modes?

You can configure the port for one of three violation modes: protect, restrict, or shutdown.

How do I know if my port is trunk or access?

Use the show interfaces trunk command to check whether the local and peer native VLANs match. If the native VLAN does not match on both sides, VLAN leaking occurs. Use the show interfaces trunk command to check whether a trunk has been established between switches.

What are the three types of port security?

On Cisco equipment there are three different main violation types: shutdown, protect, and restrict.

How do I enable port security?

You can make your L3 switch port to an access interface by using the “switchport” command. 2) Then you need to enable port security by using the “switchport port-security” command. This can also be applied in a range of the interfaces on a switch or individual interfaces.

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What is the purpose of port security?

Port Security helps secure the network by preventing unknown devices from forwarding packets. When a link goes down, all dynamically locked addresses are freed. The port security feature offers the following benefits: You can limit the number of MAC addresses on a given port.

Do trunk ports need IP address?

The router needs to have an IP address/mask associated with each VLAN on the trunk. However, the router has only one physical interface for the link connected to the trunk.

How do I enable VLAN on trunk port?

perform these steps:

  1. To restrict the traffic that a trunk carries, issue the switchport trunk vlan-list interface configuration command. …
  2. To add a VLAN to the trunk, issue the switchport trunk allowed vlan add vlan-list command.
  3. This example shows how to remove VLANs 5 through 10 and 12.