What do Ofsted ask about safeguarding?

Risk assessment, fire safety, and other policies relating to health and safety. A list of any referrals made to the designated person for safeguarding, with brief details of the resolutions. A list of all children who are an open case to social care/children’s services and for whom there is a multi-agency plan.

What do Ofsted look for in safeguarding?

Your school has a culture of safeguarding with effective arrangements to: Always act in the best interests of pupils to protect them online and offline. Identify pupils who may need early help or who are at risk of harm or being harmed, such as due to neglect, abuse (including by their peers), grooming or exploitation.

Do Ofsted look at safeguarding?

Ofsted has been inspecting safeguarding arrangements in schools since 2005 and from September 2015 we have been taking a consistent approach to inspecting safeguarding across all education provision. … Our job is to inspect against standards and statutory guidance set by the Department for Education (DfE).

What will an Ofsted inspector ask?

The inspector is likely to track a child and then ask their key person about the child’s learning, development and progress and will expect the provider to clearly explain how they are helping the child to make the best progress.

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What do Ofsted look out for?

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. We inspect services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. We also inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people.

What are the 6 principles of safeguarding?

What are the six principles of safeguarding?

  • Empowerment. People being supported and encouraged to make their own decisions and informed consent.
  • Prevention. It is better to take action before harm occurs.
  • Proportionality. The least intrusive response appropriate to the risk presented.
  • Protection. …
  • Partnership. …
  • Accountability.

What are the safeguarding procedures?

Safeguarding Policies should:

Maintain and review a record of concerns. Follow safe recruitment procedures, including DBS checks (by the Disclosure and Barring Service) Maintain safe premises and equipment, inside and out. Make sure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities.

What is the safeguarding policy?

What is a safeguarding policy statement? A safeguarding or child protection policy statement makes it clear what your organisation or group will do to keep children safe. … the more detailed policies and procedures your organisation will put in place to keep children safe and respond to child protection concerns.

Can I contact Ofsted anonymously?

We know that there may be circumstances when you would like to contact us anonymously. If you do, we will treat your concerns just as seriously as if you had given us your personal details. Email enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk or call us on 0300 123 1231. You can also contact the NSPCC National Whistleblowing Advice Line.

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How do I report a safeguarding concern to Ofsted?

To complain about a childcare provider, get in touch with us at enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk or 0300 123 4666. If you complain, we will review the information you provide and decide what to do. We may carry out an immediate inspection, ask the provider to take action or work with other agencies to look at any issues.

What are Ofsted looking for in childminders?

For childminders already registered, your inspection will be graded. Ofsted inspection of early years providers will focus on children’s education and their personal and emotional development and the progress children make in their learning. The results of the graded inspections are published on the Ofsted website.

What are the Ofsted legal requirements?

You must:

  • make sure your premises and equipment are safe and suitable for childcare.
  • make sure that no-one can enter the premises without the knowledge of someone looking after children.
  • have a suitable place to prepare food, if you provide it; any food you provide must be properly prepared, wholesome and nutritious.

What are the 4 Ofsted categories?

Currently, there are four overall judgements that Ofsted can reach about schools: Outstanding; Good; Requires Improvement; and Inadequate.

What documents do Ofsted need to see?

Inspectors will want to see records of children registered with your setting, evidence of staff qualifications and training, DBS records and where appropriate, evidence to show that recruitment of staff is a robust and safe process.