What does Base honor guard do?

The base honor guard’s primary mission is to provide military funeral honors for active duty, retiree and veteran members who served honorably in the United States Air Force and Army Air Corp.

Is Base honor guard a special duty?

Although it is a special-duty assignment, Honor Guard is voluntary and members do not receive special pay. Some elements, such as Drill Team, travel as many as 180 days each year.

What does it mean to be an honor guardsman?

: a guard assigned to a ceremonial duty (such as to accompany a casket at a military funeral)

Do honor guards get deployed?

In the past two years, the USAF Honor Guard has sent two ceremonial guardsmen on deployment. While supporting the Air Force’s ongoing military operations is critical, the USAF Honor Guard is a specialized command, operating solely to provide ceremonial support to the entire Air Force.

Why should I join Honor Guard?

Benefits. The Honor Guard helps to improve military bearing and attention to detail, while experiencing total teamwork. Upon completion of initial training, each Honor Guard member will receive a new issue of service dress to use as the Ceremonial Uniform.

Do you tip the honor guard at a funeral?

To be chosen as a pallbearer at a funeral is a sign of honor and respect. Typically this role is reserved for the decedent’s closest friends and family members. If that is the case, no tip or payment is required.

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What is the difference between an honor guard and a color guard?

Colors, or flags, are often carried by both, but the primary purpose of the Color Guard is to present the National Colors at a presentation or ceremony. The Honor Guard may present the Colors, but their main purpose is to present a contingent to bear honors at ceremonies or funerals.